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SDCC 2013: Transformers Toy Panel

You need to refresh the page manually periodically to get updates.

Going over the same Botcon releases
Going over the simplification of the transformations for kids


App to build your own bots
Contests voted on by fans (funniest, coolest, etc.)
Will make the #1 fan voted bot
Limitless play
Will have some Beast Hunter versions in the spring
Transformation core (automated transformations)
Classes are [...]

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SDCC 2013: Hasbro Beast Hunters Panel

This panel has started. Unfortunately the live blogging software is acting up. Will be posting updates here.
Really proud they won 3 daytime Emmy’s.

Bumblebee will talk
Played a clip of his voice
Will have a talking toy
New movie Predacons Rising
Zombie Predacons


Dinobots? Would like to do at some point
Prime will go through the spring
Usually plan for 3 seasons of [...]

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 072: BOTCON 2012!

Five years in a row. Just thinking about it makes my wallet want to cry and my heart soar. Although I always exercise amazing restraint in the dealer room, I always buy all the exclusives. That right there puts you $300+ in the hole before the show even starts. However, this year I got to [...]

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Botcon 2012: Hasbro Panel

Just refresh the page every once in awhile to see updates.

7 different sets each has a piece to build a dark energon weapon
29 new Kreons

Transformers Prime

Just showing all the leaks so far
From Transformer Exiles novel Thunder-something? Amazing Leo Prime-style lion with a peg leg


Legion Flameware


Ultra Magnus
Blades OP


Legion Arachnid (more accurate to show)

Bot Shots

More of stuff [...]

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Botcon 2012: TFCC Round Table

Photos uploading now. 85% done. Slow over a tethered cell connection.
Just refresh your browser every once in awhile to see updates.
TFCC Figure Subscription Service

Going to show all figures
1 payment for all or 3 payments
6 figures
Kicking around 2 per month (to cut down on shipping) or 1 per month
Will be producing extras for cherry pickers, but [...]

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SDCC 2011 Hasbro Transformers Panel

Live blogging the Hasbro Transformers panel now! There is a lot of rehashes from Botcon, but now with photos and videos allowed (to be posted later). Not taking a lot of photos as Hasbro will release the entire slideshow later.

Scrape Heap (Junkion remolded head)
Sky Shadow (Thunderwind


Deluxe Soundwave (Mech Tech satellite dish)
Deluxe Wheeljack
Voyager G1 deco Ironhide
Human [...]

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Transformers Collectors Club Round Table Panel

I totally forgot that I took some notes on this panel. It’s a little late, but for historical reasons here’s my write up.

Eric did a hand sketch of the Stunticon logo
Stunticon boxset art was based on a circus/event poster as opposed to an illustration
Artwork specifically patterned after The Italian Job
Early versions of Ironfist’s head looked [...]

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 055: BOTCON 2011!

This may be one of my last chances to do a first-hand account of Botcon. I’ve enjoyed a good run. I managed to attend the last four years and it has been a riot. However, like anything it can start to get a little stale. The schedule is almost identical each year with maybe one [...]

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Botcon 2011 Hasbro Intellectual Property Panel


Brand Stewards
Oversee the continuity
Work across all platforms
Work with internal and external partners

Transformers Vault

What didn’t make it - Actionmasters Mirage, Smokescreen, Cliffjumper, Rumble, Blurr

Transformers Exiles

Picks up right after Exodus
Autobots journey for to find the Allspark
OP is the main character
Rediscover lost TF colonies
More insight to original 13
A new threat that will impact the entire universe
Showing a pirates-style [...]

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Botcon 2011 Hasbro Panel

Panel starts in 5 minutes. Just refresh your page periodically.
Photos will be posted during the panel as time permits on the Flickr account at No photos allowed as usual.
Panel starts now.

Both humans and robot Kreons
Approximately 12-14 sets initially

Reveal the Shield and Generations

Generations will continue through the year
Will try to get out all HTF/unreleased RTS


Mechtech [...]

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