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SDCC 2011 Hasbro Star Wars Panel

Panel starts in one minute.
Introductions of the panel. Just had a battery die in the video recording. Everyday I’m shufflin’.
2011 Clone Wars

Wave 4 on shelves in September or sooner knowing the SDCC season
Wave 5 in September too.
Rex with 2 backpacks. All new sculpt. New hip articulation.
Alien is removable from Seripas. Weapons pop out of forearms.
Removable [...]

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SDCC 2011 Hasbro Transformers Panel

Live blogging the Hasbro Transformers panel now! There is a lot of rehashes from Botcon, but now with photos and videos allowed (to be posted later). Not taking a lot of photos as Hasbro will release the entire slideshow later.

Scrape Heap (Junkion remolded head)
Sky Shadow (Thunderwind


Deluxe Soundwave (Mech Tech satellite dish)
Deluxe Wheeljack
Voyager G1 deco Ironhide
Human [...]

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 037 (Part 1 and 2): SDCC 2010!

Well as usual here’s a convention wrap up way too late to do anybody any good. Yet, we still stress and grind, editing shows, photos and the worst of them all, videos. FUCK! It’s not difficult, but it’s time consuming or should I say cycle consuming. It doesn’t take too much of my time, but [...]

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SDCC 2010 Masters of the Universe Panel

Live blogging from the San Diego Comic-Con Masters of the Universe panel starts in 20 minutes. I’m actually early to panel for once. Yay! Here we go.

Retro action Green Lantern figures (Sinestro and Guy Gardner)
DC Universe Darkseid and Kalibak 2-pack
12-pack of DCUC Proty accessory


Ghostbuster characters coming from both 1 and 2 AND the video game
Ghostbuster [...]

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SDCC 2010 Hasbro Star Wars Panel

Live blogging for Star Wars Hasbro panel starts now.

Galactic Battle Game will be in every single carded except Vintage
Each game card has 6 powers and and five ratings
Will continue through 2011
Animate Mace with come Jango helmet
Flamethrower Trooper will flame accessory that can wrap around battle droid
Battle with Sergent Bric will have the ability to store [...]

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SDCC 2010 Transformers: Prime Panel

Got into the panel late. Updating now.

Takes place on Earth. Essentially same G1 story initially
Look and feel is based G1, but going for a more cienamatic feel
Stretching the limit with what can be done with
Arcee to appear, but blue instead of pink
Cliffjumper 60s style Mustang. Has a pair of steer horns on the hood.
Ratchet in [...]

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SDCC 2010 Hasbro Transformers Panel

Transformers panel is about to begin. Stay tuned for live updates.
War for Cybertron

Same boring shit from Botcon
Still more content coming from WFC. DLC pack coming on the 7.27.10
More characters (5, exclusives and Scattershot and Onslaught)
2 maps about coop and 2 about escalation
No new toys for WFC right now
Alex Irvine

Hunt for the Decepticons

HFTD is all about [...]

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SDCC 2010 Hasbro G.I. Joe Panel

Okay the fun is about to begin. No live cast of the panel, but will upoload video immediately afterward. Stay tuned for live updates from this panel and immediately after, Transformers!
G.I. Joe: Renegades

Scarlet starts with taking troops on a mission to "Corbra" labs
The Joes are accused of crime they don’t commit and go on the [...]

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 022 (Part 2): Mutha Fudgin’ San Diego Comic-Con!

Now that we are done with all the frivolity of recapping SDCC itself, it’s back to business. Part two of the Comic-Con wrap up is all the regular segments you have come to know and love (at least hopefully): Store Report, Online, What We Got, Listener Feedback and Grab Bag. Can you believe this second [...]

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 022 (Part 1): Mutha Fudgin’ San Diego Comic-Con!

As much as I wanted to drop an F-bomb, I still have a problem using profanity in my writing. Don’t mind the fact that both the Mrs. and I rock them like sailors on the regular. With that out of the way, let me say it again just in case you didn’t hear me, COMIC-CON! [...]

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