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SDCC 2013: Mattypoloza Panel

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Missed DCUC due to arguing with security guards
Just going over existing Watchmen figures


Ecto Goggles $110
Interacts with PKE Meter
Sticker sheets
Proton Wand $130
Lights and sounds with rumble
Ecto 1 pre-order for 6" figures $215
Classics Ray and Peter with removable packs

Masters of the Universe

Comics - MOTU vs Justice League #1
Masters game [...]

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SDCC 2011 Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Panel

Guess what? I left my tri-pod connector in Star Wars. Sorry no video from me this year.

12-pack finally coming out
Club Infinite Earths (9 monthly figures, 3 quarterly figures and one subscription figure)
Fan’s Choice club exclusive figure (VOTE FOR Black Lantern Swamp Thing)


5 Lions and their pilots
23″ Voltron
Automatically transform from combined mode
Each pilot comes with a [...]

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SDCC 2010 Masters of the Universe Panel

Live blogging from the San Diego Comic-Con Masters of the Universe panel starts in 20 minutes. I’m actually early to panel for once. Yay! Here we go.

Retro action Green Lantern figures (Sinestro and Guy Gardner)
DC Universe Darkseid and Kalibak 2-pack
12-pack of DCUC Proty accessory


Ghostbuster characters coming from both 1 and 2 AND the video game
Ghostbuster [...]

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