Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 119: The Perfect Storm…

Sometimes there’s a confluence of events that dictates the worst possible outcome. Welcome to our Toy Fair episode. Just under two months in the making, this should be our masterpiece. However, it is far from it. It is a cobbled together, multi-hour, mess of an episode, but it is ours and we love it. I dare to say you may love it too if you can make it all the way through. Please do not judge it by its timeliness, its length or lack of team cohesiveness for it is a miracle of circumstance.

Perhaps one of the best examples of circumstance has been Super7 taking the helm of Masters Classics. While the first effort was ideal, pre-orders of only what you want, even the “savior” of the line has understood that it requires an all-in or nothing approach. Which are you? Star Wars gets the award for one of the best ideas, the 40th Anniversary line and one of the worst ideas, Titanium 3.75 inch figurines. Transformers continued to make one of the strongest showings. Even if you’re not a movie fan, the CHUG line or Titans Return line as they are referring to it has some pretty great reveals. As per the usual, Joe is nowhere to be seen outside of a pitiful 3rd-party showing.

May patience be with you, always…Slick

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One Comment on "Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 119: The Perfect Storm…"

  1. Slick McFavorite
    21/04/2017 at 1:20 pm Permalink

    Hello OpenYourToys Dudes!

    Thank you for yet another great show gentlemen. Your lastest episode 119 definitely help me past the time while driving up to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration 2017. I really wanted to call in but I already have three Hasbro Titan Return Gnaws in hands and three more Takara Tomy version of Gnaw on pre-ordered. :) I figure I give some of your other listeners a chance to grab it (Big Smile, just to proof that I’m not the only one listening to the show Haha).

    At this time, I would like to report in my SW Celebration experience if you guys are interested, if not. Just “move along…” (in Stormtrooper voice)

    I have a mixed bag feeling about this year Star Wars Celebration. Last time I attend Star Wars Celebration was five years ago (2012). That was the time when the newest thing we got was another Season of Clone Wars animated series. This year, we had two major films “Force Awaken” and “Rogue One”; along with that, we got the amazing animated series call Rebels. With all these new things Disney bumping into the franchise… it equals to ONE BIG BALL of mess for Con goers.

    We got 3 generations group of peoples: OT fans (mature older folks), Prequels fans (adults), and Millennium to younger child. I don’t think I have ever saw that many people in one place before. I was told by someone in line that it feels like going to SDCC because there are long lines just about everywhere and everything you do. Don’t even think about going to see the main/large panel at this event… if you are an OT fan, you won’t beat the endurance that Millennium fans has by camping 2 days outside of the parking lot. Five years ago at Celebration VI, I was able to attend at least five different panels that I like (even major panels). Now… I can barely attend two small size panels. If anyone like to attend major panels, get ready to camp over nights! There were many OT fans unable to attend any of the major panels to see their favorite actors and actresses because younger folks just camp outside of the convention with just a thin cloth and call it bed. If you can’t stand crowds of people, this is now a convention to avoid. I don’t know who runs the show this year but it was incredibility disorganized. Nobody knows where and what lines they should get into.

    On a positive note, wife and I got lucky obtaining some exclusives during the show. Thanks to those who helped us during the convention cause there is no way we can be in line at 5:00am. Negatives and there are many: We never got to see the Last Jedi Trailer, never got to attend the 40th panel, never got to watch the Rebels season 4 trailer, never got to attend tribute to Carrie Fisher, Okay…. Never got to see any good panel with OT casts… but we manage to attend the Hasbro Panel on Saturday. I guess that’s made up for it?!?

    Anyway, this is AliasAngelAlias reporting. Will I go to SW Celebration 2019? Staying home behind Youtube watching SW Celebration might just be a better idea from now on.

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