Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 022 (Part 2): Mutha Fudgin’ San Diego Comic-Con!

Now that we are done with all the frivolity of recapping SDCC itself, it’s back to business. Part two of the Comic-Con wrap up is all the regular segments you have come to know and love (at least hopefully): Store Report, Online, What We Got, Listener Feedback and Grab Bag. Can you believe this second part is over two hours too?

There has been a lot poppin’ in the stores and online. Then there is the haul. While not as hefty as last year, we still came away with a ridiculous amount of toys. What sucks is as all the stores light up after the con, we have just spent hundreds of dollars and can’t really justify further spending. Worse yet, Joecon was three weeks later.

Being "gone" for so long we have a massive amount of communications. From Jamie’s rants to long lost listeners, we finally get a chance to respond out load. It was great to know we were missed. We missed you too. We can’t wait to record the Joecon wrap up on Thursday. Being realistic, look for it to be posted on Sunday and ready for a listen on Labor Day.

As a reminder, here are links to photos and videos of SDCC past and present:
SDCC 2008 photos and videos (booths and panels ).
SDCC 2009 photos and videos .

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Next up, Joecon, YO JOE!…Slick

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12 Comments on "Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 022 (Part 2): Mutha Fudgin’ San Diego Comic-Con!"

  1. Slick McFavorite
    02/09/2009 at 10:53 pm Permalink

    Jaime’s commenis show 22 part 2:-1.Congrat’s Jes on self control at Comic con,that Luke pilot look’s a little odd!,the Background music was kick’in,slick you need to start to draw it’s a ass-load of fan when you get in to it,EWOKS for life-Nice to see i’m ot the only Ewok fan on the web & G.i Joe was not a good movie! but it was the Funniest movie this year.

  2. Slick McFavorite
    03/09/2009 at 1:02 am Permalink

    Jaime’s comment’s on show 22 part 2,vol.2-,First.Green Lantern rules,i just stared reading ION Guardian of the Universe,allso hopefully will get Green Lantern First Flight (on dvd with that sick Digital copy for my Ipod), before 2010 & Toy story 3 (the movie) is on the way,Good to see Jes into Ghostbuster, hopefully will see a part 3 to that series & the music in the background was Ace,kick’in, cool,Rad, whatever the kid’s say these day’s.

  3. Slick McFavorite
    03/09/2009 at 1:14 am Permalink

    An Anagram for Jes:-Jesus Eat’s Snails.

    An Anagram for Jason:-Jock’s Are Smelly On Neptune.

  4. Slick McFavorite
    03/09/2009 at 1:28 am Permalink

    Jaime’s comment’s on show 22 part 2 vol.3-Bitch Slap is great hope to see it Down here very soon & Maybe will see some movie Fig’s(i love my movie fig’s)from that!,Looking to get that Matrix fo Leadership Dvd look’s cool & i looked up what a Miny Gwin is? Very Cute luv the Godzilla.

  5. Slick McFavorite
    03/09/2009 at 5:32 am Permalink

    Apologies for the bad Grammer and or Spelling,I’ll have to look over before i post my comments.

  6. Slick McFavorite
    Slick McFavorite
    04/09/2009 at 12:48 am Permalink

    The background music is all DJ albums, even one be me. Last all vinyl mix I’ve done.

    Ima ‘wok fan too. It was perfect timing, I was young enough to think they were cute and not old enough to realize teddy bears shouldn’t be able to overthrow an imperial army.

    I could have swore you said you liked ROC. I must have been mistaken.

    What sucks is First Flight came with a Windows Media digital copy. Tried to hack it a couple of times for the iPod and it was a no go. Haven’t tried anything too serious yet.

    Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. We git wat ur syin’.

  7. Slick McFavorite
    04/09/2009 at 2:34 am Permalink

    Thank’s mate, I had more to say about robot Chicken but i think you guy’s have had Enough of rant’s, thank’s once more.

  8. Slick McFavorite
    04/09/2009 at 5:48 am Permalink

    Cool show, Looking forwould to cuting up the next one.

  9. Slick McFavorite
    05/09/2009 at 5:46 pm Permalink

    Sent that voice mail. Looking forward to a joe con rundown. Also the Music download. Peace to all McFavorits.

  10. Slick McFavorite
    08/09/2009 at 8:00 pm Permalink

    Good show, looking forwould to cuting in to the next one.

  11. Slick McFavorite
    Slick McFavorite
    08/09/2009 at 11:39 pm Permalink

    @TaterX - Thanks for the vm man. My computer crashed this weeked, so a little bit of a set back. Spent my whole weekend rebuilding. We should be recording this week, again, a month later. Gotta love life sometimes.

    @Machete - Thanks home slice.

  12. Slick McFavorite
    13/09/2009 at 3:49 am Permalink

    Just relisten to the show and HOLY CRAP that’s what it take’s to put a show together! Dam that’s a lot of work,Thank’s guy’s.

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