Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 075: Talking the talk…

I am about talked the hell out. If you didn’t know this is the first time we’ve actually had a booth at a con . Denver Comic Con was absolutely amazing and far exceeded our expectations for its inaugural year. Our table was located in Podcast Peak. It was us and a whopping one other podcast, Reel Nerds . They were great guys (and lady) and do a great show. They’re primarily movie based, but span all of geekdom. The movie episodes are awesome because they do a spoiler free review, then play the trailer and from then on all bets are off. We also met Josh and John of the Points of Interest Podcast Network . I’m already digging their Geek Speakeasy and Staying Off Topic casts.

We didn’t get to speak a lot toys, at least not with a lot hardcore collectors, but we did talk to a ridiculous amount of people. As usual, we get plenty of toy talk in during the show which was recorded in its entirety at the con. In Masters news, we’re getting a great quarterly variant in one of my favorite vintage toys, Dragon Blaster Skeletor . While we’re in a holding pattern with Joe for the next 7-8 months, we got an amazing Joe compatible product in Marauder "Gun-Runners" Series 6 . In the "coolest thing I’ve seen in a while" category is this Star Wars Lego hologram display . My favorite news of the show? Masterpiece Soundwave with a MP Laserbeak and his other minions are not only confirmed, but displayed. While the uncharismatic bore is a pretty simple Masterpiece relatively, the Laserbeak is amazing. His guns actually fold in on his cassette mode. I CANNOT wait for this, no pun intended, masterpiece.

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I talk the talk and I walk the walk…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 074: Priorities…

I feel like I’m truly getting old. Not physically, but mentally. What’s funny is I’m not really getting old, my priorities are just changing. I used to think, I’ll never do this or I’ll never worry about that. The truth is there are things in my life that need to change. No longer just for me, but now for my family. Gone are the days where my actions wouldn’t affect anyone else in a meaningful way. Now every decision I make needs to be based on a priority. What does this have to do with toys? If you don’t know now, you’ll know eventually.

By the way, did you know we’re finally getting Mekaneck? Oh and what a neck it is. Speaking of Meka’s, we’re also getting a mechanized Darth Maul in a Battle Pack with one of the hardest to find Clone Wars figures and a fan favorite. Even if the Voyager Fall of Cybertron Soundwave poops out his data discs (never knew difference of disc vs. disk), I still love him with all my heart. Something else I love is’s new Toy Archive. It’s amazing when the best get better. They obviously have their priorities, do you?

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If not, get you some…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 073: What’s on Joe Movie/Conathon…

What started out to be a couple quick segments to promote the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel, Retaliation, and What’s on Joe Mind’s (WOJM) coverage of Joecon 2012 turned into a marathon of good times. That is at least for Gary “Commander and Chief” Godsoe, Mike “Beach Head” Irizarry and I. While Mrs. McFavorite hung in there for more than half the show, she finally got tired of the “con experience”. What’s that you say, “But you guys love going to cons?” We do LOVE going to cons, but there’s one aspect that Mrs. McFavorite doesn’t enjoy so much. This is when I completely ignore her while geeking out with other hardcore fans. However, she knows how much I enjoy it and loves to see me so excited about my hobby. This post serves two purposes, first a very public apology to Mrs. McFavorite and secondly, a warning to everyone else. Never take your loved ones for granted, not even for one show.

With that said, we both had an amazing time with Mike and Gary. The reason why we normally don’t do interviews or have guests on is we love the dynamic of just “kicking it”. From the get go Gary and Mike fit right in. It was literally seconds until we were all laughing and that’s what really matters. We all felt so at home that just our con segment took over one and a half hours. So we decided to just scrap our regular format and spend the next hour talking about the postponement of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. We talked what it meant for the movie, the franchise and most importantly the toys. Since Gary and Mike didn’t say too much on the What’s on Joe Mind’s Special Edition 13: The Retaliation Reaction, this is the first opportunity to hear all their thoughts on what is arguably the most significant news in the Joe fandom in recent history.

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Thank you guys!…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 072: BOTCON 2012!

Five years in a row. Just thinking about it makes my wallet want to cry and my heart soar. Although I always exercise amazing restraint in the dealer room, I always buy all the exclusives. That right there puts you $300+ in the hole before the show even starts. However, this year I got to live vicariously through my show buddies Optimus Andy and Tylertron. They definitely took advantage of their first Botcon. I definitely took advantage of kicking it with two amazing guys. From cutting lines to being duped by a fast talking con man, from partaking in my “water” habit to getting lost in Dallas for hours. I couldn’t have asked for a better last hurrah. We even got to spend time with long time Botcon bro, Saber, or as he calls himself nowadays, Bruce.

I know I say it all the time to the point that it’s becoming a cliche, but it really is the people that make a show. Yeah, there are toys galore, both new ones and ones from our childhood. You even get an opportunity to see toys that will not be out for months. Yet my most favorite memories year after year are the people: friends, guests, attendees, dealers and even the staff. However, because those types of memories are hard to capture because they don’t stand still for long, here are some pics and vids from the show.

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I already miss the good times, thanks again Andy and Tyler….Slick

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Botcon 2012: Hasbro Panel

Just refresh the page every once in awhile to see updates.


  • 7 different sets each has a piece to build a dark energon weapon
  • 29 new Kreons

Transformers Prime

  • Just showing all the leaks so far
  • From Transformer Exiles novel Thunder-something? Amazing Leo Prime-style lion with a peg leg


  • Legion Flameware


  • Ultra Magnus
  • Blades OP


  • Legion Arachnid (more accurate to show)

Bot Shots

  • More of stuff that has been leaked already
  • Ironhide launcher

MP10 (Masterpiece Optimus Prime) - US release will be Animated Movie Deco

Generations (WFC)

  • Kickback
  • Starscream
  • Sideswipe
  • ULTA MAGNUS! (with sword and gun)
  • Fireflight
  • Voyager SOUNDWAVE! with datadisc Laserbeak - Datadiscs shoot and on impact transform
  • Also Soundblaster with Buzzsaw
  • Legends Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and RatBat

SDCC 2013 Exclusives

  • Game accurate deco WFC Bruticus!
  • Just had vote for artwork for the boxset (it was fake)
  • Rust in Peace Cliffjumper - red battle damaged FE Cliffjumper
  • Showing concepts for zombie Cliffjumper packaging
  • Final is Zombie head for Cliffjumper taken from animation models

August - Generations Deluxes, Cyberverse OP Commander Base


  • No announcement today about WFC Dinobots, all five are doubtful
  • MP10 will be a TRU exclusive
  • "Classics" Springer is on a short list, Arcee not likely since she is in Prime and they don’t want to confuse kids
  • Ironhide probably won’t show up in Prime, but probably in other places
  • Bruticus will be the measure of whether they do more combiners

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Botcon 2012: TFCC Round Table

Photos uploading now. 85% done. Slow over a tethered cell connection.

Just refresh your browser every once in awhile to see updates.

TFCC Figure Subscription Service

  • Going to show all figures
  • 1 payment for all or 3 payments
  • 6 figures
  • Kicking around 2 per month (to cut down on shipping) or 1 per month
  • Will be producing extras for cherry pickers, but will be considerably higher than the subscription
  • Breakdown (Generations Sideswipe mold)
  • Jackpot (Animated Jazz mold)
  • Scourge (RTD Laser Prime mold)
  • Slipstream (TF Prime Starscream mold)
  • Circuit (Animated Lockdown mold)
  • Ultra Mammoth (Big Convoy mold)

Free membership toy for next year Depth Charge (HFTD Terradive mold)


  • Could a box be made for the FSS? Not right now. Shipping would be cost prohibitive.
  • Mold selection? Story is more important than molds. Then they select characters. Then try to find molds within there availability.
  • ETA on FSS? Order around June, shipping by November, maybe.

End of Panel

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 071: An’ here I go again…

On my own. Going down the only road I’ve ever known. And that road leads to Botcon, solo. It’s pretty fitting considering I went to my first Botcon five years ago by myself and this maybe my last. It’s interesting how meaningless some things seem once you have something in your life that is more important than you. While we have planned to try to make it to Comic-Con every year, we have to start thinking about saving for the myriad of things babies/kids need. While I think toys will always be a part of my life, minimally they can’t take up as much of my income as they have in the past and that’s okay. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Speaking of telling, let me tell you we have one hell of a show for you. I think it’s the longest we have ever done, at least the longest released in one MP3. With over three and a quarter hours of toy talk, you could easily spread it out over a week. Let us see, Monday would be con news, a smattering of great toy news and some Matty/MOTUC Q’s and A’s. Tuesday would yield a little more toy news, a look at 3rd party love and possibly the Store Report. Wednesday would have us looking at some new stuff online, including As well as a quick look at What I Got. Thursday we would look at this amazing transforming Sky Striker Starscream and some affordable cancelled G.I. Joes. Finally we would round out the week of toy goodness by hearing from you, talking some Botcon and then some non-toy news from the franchises. Not a bad week, in my opinion.

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Like I always tell Mrs. McFavorite, it’s not right or wrong; it’s just my opinion…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 070: IP, Smipy…

While we only touch on it briefly, the whole Intellectual Property thing is blowing up as of late. First Fun Publications started with 3rd party toys by simply calling attention to a clause in their dealer room table contract that has been there for years. It’s actually in most cons’ contracts. However, this year supposedly it WILL be enforced. We speculated what this could mean for Artists Alley. Sure enough, reports have begun coming in that non-licensed art will not be allowed either. Really? As everyone’s favorite Joe cast would say, “com’on man”. Only time will tell what kind of effect this will have on not only Botcon, but Joecon as well.

As usual we talk a bunch of toys, but instead of highlighting a few of them with this post, I really wanted to focus on what has me most excited right now, Attack on Cobra Island. What’s Attack on Cobra Island you say? It’s an amazing old school 16 bit side scrolling G.I. Joe brawler. It is literally the game that every red blooded 80s G.I. Joe fan should’ve wanted back in the day. In just a few minutes of playing you can easily tell that it is a labor of love. IP infringing, fangasming love. While I roll with a pretty loose set of ethics when it comes to IP and the fandom, I believe especially not-for-profit projects like this need to be celebrated. Huge thanks to Justin over at General’s Joes for posting about this.

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Bring on my Masters 2D fighter…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 069: I feel good…

I knew that I would. After several “meh” episodes, I finally had a great time recording this cast. With everything going on (see the last cast’s post), it really does feel good to be enjoying myself again. Now if the rest of the community could get with the program. There’s been a ton of negative vibes out there for the last couple of months. From the ever worsening issues with Matty, the continuing distribution issues and soon to be articulation limiting of the Joe line, to the Collector Clubs’ issues, it seems like the whole community is bitching. Other collectors have been feeling it too. I just wish everyone could remember this is supposed to be fun.

Speaking of fun, what’s more fun than new Disney Star Wars figures? How about a Transformer that turns into 6 different things? No, I got it, a UFO Transformer with an old school bubble helmet. If saving money is your thing, both BBTS and Matty have pretty good sales right now. We also hear from an old friend. Finally, we pick the winner of our Toy Fair 2012 Giveaway. Now this is what I consider fun.

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So good, so good, I got you…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 068: Toy Fair 2012…

It’s that time of year again. It’s the Super Bowl of action figure events. Where plastic addicts from all around the world rejoice and/or bitch about all the new toys we’ll be getting. Unfortunately my heart just wasn’t in it this year. We had to cancel our trip to see my family due to weather and a few other unforeseen circumstances. This was the trip we were going to spring the big news. Now we have to wait another month to tell them in person. It feels like a huge weight right now. On top of that, work continues to be shitty.

You want the icing on the proverbial cake? We’ve come to the incredibly hard decision that our faithful companion for over 13 years, Target, has reached an unacceptable level of quality of life. While it might be hard to lose a pet, it’s unbearable to have to actually set a date and count down to it. Every day for the last week and a half has been filled with the 5 steps of grief played out over and over again. I apologize if I don’t have any witty quips, insightful ponderings or even a couple of links. I do sincerely appreciate you listening or reading as the case may be. I’ve had my fair share of pain especially for my age so I know time does helps, I just wish it would hurry the fuck up.

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Pain pays the income of each precious thing…Slick

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