Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 097: The OYT-Team…

In 2015 a crack podcasting unit was asked to revive a has been show for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly accepted against their will and escaped to the toy community underground. Today, still wanted by the listeners, they survive as podcasters of fortune. If you have a toy question, if no one else can help, and if you can hear them, maybe you can ask the Open Your Toys Team.

Cheesy? Yes. Over the top? Yes. Do I love it? YES! Sometimes you gotta love some cheese. Like this. I love that they made this. But, I really love that they made this. MP Menasor will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. This is as close as to news as we get for Joe. At least Masters has a director, maybe. Unfortunately, this guy’s a music video director named after a McDonald’s gangsta.

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I love it when a plan comes together…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 096: Fuck Big Bang…

I love these guys! I meant it, like family, already. The 3 hours we record every other week is quickly becoming some of my favorite time. Like family we don’t always agree, but when we don’t at least it’s funny. What I especially appreciate is all the different personalities. I think with our gamut most people can find someone they can relate to. I think especially with our community that’s a big thing. When we interact with our toys and the community itself, it creates common experiences which enable us to relate to one another. When you can relate, you feel like you belong. That right there is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beauty (segue), check out this thingy. I’m excited for that uncharismatic bore, but still have some trepidation. It’s the same feeling we have about the supposed combined shipping from Matty that no one knows about including them. Has the long rumored Rattler reissue been confirmed? Nope. Do we care? Not really. Lastly, I provide a little more evidence to the theory that I actually didn’t see The Force Awakens by not knowing/remembering that Ackbar makes a cameo. Marijuana’s a hell of a drug.

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I love you guys, man…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 095: To Club or Not to Club…

Just because we have a new team, doesn’t mean we’re going to be any timelier, at least for now. I am really having a hard time turning over the reins of things I have always done to the new team. So you have no one to blame except for me about how late these shows hit. We did make one baby step as I created a new email and Twitter account for the show that Swage will now be running. While I will still promote via my socials, official announcements will come via @OpenYourToys and as always at our Facebook page. So please make sure to Like and/or Follow the show too.

We’re back to our familiar format after having an absolute blast yapping about The Force Awakens. We address the latest and possibly the greatest FunPub hubbub ever. Again, timely as usual, but at least you get to hear what fans at all levels of club spectrum think about the future of these two polarizing organizations or should I say organization. Meanwhile, Masters and Matty continue to make more news via their licensees than their figures. Finally, everybody is Star Wars crazy and at least this time it has nothing to do with distribution.

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We’ll see you later rather than sooner…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 094: The Force Unwakens…

So there were a few things back in 1999 I thought I would never do. The first would be posting to the Web while I drive through the middle of nowhere Wyoming to see my family. Back then, I had just got my first cell phone and I was amazed that in a time of monochromatic screens, my super fancy non-subsidized $200 phone was in color, but why wouldn’t be, that was a lot for a phone. I think I had service for about 1 hour of the 7 hour drive. Flash forward 17 years and I am using my phone as a wireless hot spot to give the car Internet so I can write this post, Toddler McFavorite can watch YouTube and Mrs. McFavorite can download an audiobook.

The other thing I never I thought I would be doing is talking about a sequel to my favorite film franchise of all time. I knew I would have an opportunity to see a prequel, which everyone at that point was extremely excited about. In fact I dare say people were more excited back then than we were this year. George had said there would never be sequels because it was the story of Anakin. Especially after his vision or more so his execution left such a bad taste in most people’s mouths, I was sure I would never do this. However, I have learned when there is money to be made never say never. So here we are, talking (for almost 3 hours) about a sequel to a movie that is over 33 years old and I loved every minute of it. No, not the movie itself, but the discussion. No review spoilers here, you’ll have to listen to see what I and the new crew thought of the movie that is destined to be the highest grossing movie of all time, at least for awhile.

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We’re home…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 093: Guess who’s back…

I can’t tell you how many times over the last year and half I thought I would write another one of these again. But, we’re back, from outer space. We just walked in here without a sad look on our face…es, okay, it’s a stretch. However, after that crazy hiatus, we are back stronger than ever. You will quickly discover we does not include the amazing Mrs. McFavorite. My beautiful wife has stepped down as my co-host and a crack crew of toy experts has stepped up. You’ll hear some familiar voices and some not so, but I will tell you it is probably one of the best times I’ve ever had talking toys. I love the new team and I hope you will too.

We try to make up for lost time with our longest episode ever. And I do mean EVER. Can you say 3 and a half hours? That’s right kids. I have finally started to let go of my obsessive need to try to keep the show short. However we still had to cut a couple segments just to maintain our sanity. During the marathon we discuss the Joe Club’s new incentive figure and possible Joecon sets. Is Hasbro starting its own Transformers con? Probably not, but we can dream. A legend wins an award for a really crappy toy and we fawn over the new Masters mini-comic collection. It truly is an amazing collectible. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the toy goodness.

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Back to the grill again, the grill again…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 092: Friends, how many of us have them?…

At least ones we can depend on? I have preached about this before, but I think it’s important to reiterate. One of my online homies and most favorite toy personalities, Jason Devall, preaches this constantly. Besides, if you’re not in this for the camaraderie, I think you’re doing it wrong. No judgment, but there’s definitely more to life than plastic. JoeCon is next week and as much as it is a celebration of toys it is an opportunity to reconnect with some of my real life friends that I have met through the community. Like we have said countless times before, that’s what cons are all about.

We’re light on news this time around, but still manage to tangent this thing out to an hour and a half. We got to some a very disappointing size comparison for Masterpiece Bumblebee . We review one of my most anticipated MOTUC figures of the entire line. One of my most anticipated episodes of TV premieres tonight as well. Here’s hoping they do it justice. For lack of any better Star Wars news, this happened .

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Lets be friends…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 091: The Problem with Expectations…

As I sit here and type this I’ve got a little anxiety. See I was expecting to register for JoeCon today. More importantly, I’m trying to register for a Golden Ticket. That’s right I’m pulling a Justin Bell. Don’t get me wrong, there is no offense intended. Oh no, it is actually the opposite, it is admiration for his mutually beneficial plan of essentially having friends sponsor his VIP status. The Golden Ticket is an extra $300, but it promises 3x the exclusives. So in essence what he has done in the past is guarantee 2 lucky people every exclusive they could want for $150 + cost + shipping. People yell scalper! But no, he actually doesn’t benefit financially, he just gets the perks of a VIP package and gets to help 2 friends in the process.

What does this have to do with expectations? Well, now I have two people expecting me to get a Golden Ticket. Actually three if count me. I’m just as excited as them to basically just be able to skip lines. Once you minus the extra exclusives, that’s basically the main benefit. However, Golden Tickets usually sell out in 30-45 minutes. And, it’s not like Matty where you know a specific time to order, registration can go live at any time. The club set the expectation that today was the day. I got all my ducks in row and nothing. At least they said around 11 am that it wasn’t going to be today. What’s even worse than this delay? The con is LESS THAN 3 WEEKS AWAY. I’m not a club basher by any means, but this is ridiculous.

Well like the song says, let it go. This time around we discuss the first true 3rd party Gobots homage. We get the very reasonable pricing on the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary TRU exclusives. Leland Chee posts what I’m considering the best way to watch the Clone Wars from beginning to end, literally. Lastly, could we be seeing Lego compatible Masters of the Universe? Find out why we may not even have to wait until a “movie year”. All this and more on our first regular episode in almost a year.

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The cold never bothered me anyway…Slick

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Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 090: Toy Fair 2014!…

What’s up? It has been a long time, this time for real, for really reals. It’s been over 7 months. I know, it’s crazy. Baby McFavorite is now officially Toddler McFavorite. My collecting has been going strong. I’ve been lurking on boards and still listening to casts. Much to Mrs. McFavorite’s chagrin, I still haven’t done much selling, but that’s changing. I know, I sound like a broken record, but it’s true. I’ve sold almost 500 bucks worth of toys in last few days and mad more to come.

Enough of the old news, it’s time for the new news. That news is Toy Fair. Mrs. McFavorite wanted to bring the cast back and I thought there would be no better time than one of the two largest yearly milestones for news in our community. That’s right, they’re doing that again. While this year was a little lackluster, there were still some amazing reveals across the board. First Matty revealed Rio Blast. Being from New Mexico, cowboy themed toys always have held a special place for me, especially ones armed to the teeth. Something a lot of people had doubts about was Joe, but as promised at SDCC, Hasbro came with the goods for the 50th Anniversary. Especially this little snow-themed two-pack with two of my favorite vehicles and modern take on one of my favorite drivers of all time. Transformers brought the heat as usual, this time figuratively in the form of a Generations Leader Jetfire. Lastly, while seeing this made me this most happy, a certain gangster slug was the big reveal for Star Wars. Unfortunately with the rumor a version with dais and Salacious Crumb is planned for SDCC it looks like we might be headed for another Carbonitegate.

Please forgive us as we’re definitely a little rusty. I mixed up a few facts and missed at least one big reveal, but what can you expect with almost an 8 month hiatus. Hopefully this will mark a return to a bi-weekly show filled with toy goodness. We really missed everyone and we can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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We’re baaaaack…Slick

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SDCC 2013: Hasbro Star Wars

Panel starting now. You will need to refresh occasionally to see updates.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

  • Character evolutions
  • Anakin and Padme shown
  • Telepods - you scan characters into game and you can use them to launch
  • Over 32 characters
  • New toys coming
  • Star Destroyer mega set with triple launcher
  • New smaller sets with exclusives
  • Jedi vs. Seth multi-pack
  • 2-pack (non blind bagged)

Black Series

  • 6″
  • Boba will be exact same release in mass (no Han)
  • Fall 2014 Speeder Bike!
  • 3.75″
  • Pablo Jil
  • New Amazon Build A Droid 6 figure line

WOW! What a crappy panels.

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SDCC 2013: Mattypoloza Panel

You will need to refresh to get the updates.

  • Missed DCUC due to arguing with security guards
  • Just going over existing Watchmen figures


  • Ecto Goggles $110
  • Interacts with PKE Meter
  • Sticker sheets
  • Proton Wand $130
  • Lights and sounds with rumble
  • Ecto 1 pre-order for 6" figures $215
  • Classics Ray and Peter with removable packs

Masters of the Universe

  • Comics - MOTU vs Justice League #1
  • Masters game will be available on Android in the next month
  • Exclusive mini-game, 3 card monty with Orko
  • Figures
  • Jet Sled with a Sky sled
  • Nephthu without stand
  • Lord Daktus
  • Last weapons pack with Kowl in October 13 - with Rattlor’s armor
  • 2-pack of Horder Troopers (one with battle damage, replaceable heads, staff, shield, mace)
  • Geldor
  • More stickers
  • Sea Hawk
  • Plundor
  • Strong-arm (Strong-or) with blaster
  • 2014
  • 12 monthly figures, 2 over-sized $35, 1 for $40, club exclusive figure, holiday item $35
  • Two Bad with shield and mace
  • Glimmer with staff
  • Hydron
  • $40 Modukok :) (Modulok) interchangeable parts
  • Goatman with hammer and staff
  • Subscription figure: Unnamed One (no reveals until subscribers receive him will have )
  • Horde Empire sub map
  • Stan Lee just came in
  • New Standar figure
  • First available at Comikazi 2013
  • Scorpia’s tale flashed on screen


  • No good questions asked

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