Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 090: Toy Fair 2014!…

What’s up? It has been a long time, this time for real, for really reals. It’s been over 7 months. I know, it’s crazy. Baby McFavorite is now officially Toddler McFavorite. My collecting has been going strong. I’ve been lurking on boards and still listening to casts. Much to Mrs. McFavorite’s chagrin, I still haven’t done much selling, but that’s changing. I know, I sound like a broken record, but it’s true. I’ve sold almost 500 bucks worth of toys in last few days and mad more to come.

Enough of the old news, it’s time for the new news. That news is Toy Fair. Mrs. McFavorite wanted to bring the cast back and I thought there would be no better time than one of the two largest yearly milestones for news in our community. That’s right, they’re doing that again. While this year was a little lackluster, there were still some amazing reveals across the board. First Matty revealed Rio Blast. Being from New Mexico, cowboy themed toys always have held a special place for me, especially ones armed to the teeth. Something a lot of people had doubts about was Joe, but as promised at SDCC, Hasbro came with the goods for the 50th Anniversary. Especially this little snow-themed two-pack with two of my favorite vehicles and modern take on one of my favorite drivers of all time. Transformers brought the heat as usual, this time figuratively in the form of a Generations Leader Jetfire. Lastly, while seeing this made me this most happy, a certain gangster slug was the big reveal for Star Wars. Unfortunately with the rumor a version with dais and Salacious Crumb is planned for SDCC it looks like we might be headed for another Carbonitegate.

Please forgive us as we’re definitely a little rusty. I mixed up a few facts and missed at least one big reveal, but what can you expect with almost an 8 month hiatus. Hopefully this will mark a return to a bi-weekly show filled with toy goodness. We really missed everyone and we can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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We’re baaaaack…Slick

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SDCC 2013: Hasbro Star Wars

Panel starting now. You will need to refresh occasionally to see updates.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

  • Character evolutions
  • Anakin and Padme shown
  • Telepods - you scan characters into game and you can use them to launch
  • Over 32 characters
  • New toys coming
  • Star Destroyer mega set with triple launcher
  • New smaller sets with exclusives
  • Jedi vs. Seth multi-pack
  • 2-pack (non blind bagged)

Black Series

  • 6″
  • Boba will be exact same release in mass (no Han)
  • Fall 2014 Speeder Bike!
  • 3.75″
  • Pablo Jil
  • New Amazon Build A Droid 6 figure line

WOW! What a crappy panels.

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SDCC 2013: Mattypoloza Panel

You will need to refresh to get the updates.

  • Missed DCUC due to arguing with security guards
  • Just going over existing Watchmen figures


  • Ecto Goggles $110
  • Interacts with PKE Meter
  • Sticker sheets
  • Proton Wand $130
  • Lights and sounds with rumble
  • Ecto 1 pre-order for 6" figures $215
  • Classics Ray and Peter with removable packs

Masters of the Universe

  • Comics - MOTU vs Justice League #1
  • Masters game will be available on Android in the next month
  • Exclusive mini-game, 3 card monty with Orko
  • Figures
  • Jet Sled with a Sky sled
  • Nephthu without stand
  • Lord Daktus
  • Last weapons pack with Kowl in October 13 - with Rattlor’s armor
  • 2-pack of Horder Troopers (one with battle damage, replaceable heads, staff, shield, mace)
  • Geldor
  • More stickers
  • Sea Hawk
  • Plundor
  • Strong-arm (Strong-or) with blaster
  • 2014
  • 12 monthly figures, 2 over-sized $35, 1 for $40, club exclusive figure, holiday item $35
  • Two Bad with shield and mace
  • Glimmer with staff
  • Hydron
  • $40 Modukok :) (Modulok) interchangeable parts
  • Goatman with hammer and staff
  • Subscription figure: Unnamed One (no reveals until subscribers receive him will have )
  • Horde Empire sub map
  • Stan Lee just came in
  • New Standar figure
  • First available at Comikazi 2013
  • Scorpia’s tale flashed on screen


  • No good questions asked

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SDCC 2013: Transformers Toy Panel

You need to refresh the page manually periodically to get updates.

  • Going over the same Botcon releases
  • Going over the simplification of the transformations for kids


  • App to build your own bots
  • Contests voted on by fans (funniest, coolest, etc.)
  • Will make the #1 fan voted bot
  • Limitless play
  • Will have some Beast Hunter versions in the spring
  • Transformation core (automated transformations)
  • Classes are based on number of pieces
  • Shockwave coming to Beast Hunters line in 2014
  • Triple Team Class
  • Will be scenes and other

Nothing new for Beast Hunters


  • Legends
  • Cosmos looks amazing!
  • Tailgate
  • Shrapnel! (Sharpshot) in the Cyberverse Targetmaster class
  • Moderate response for Beast Wars
  • FoC Skywarp
  • Armada Starscream
  • Rhinox actually bites and Waspinator flaps his wings
  • Showing CADs for Whirl
  • Whirl has a Gerwalk mode
  • 30 exclusives from now (SDCC) through 2014
  • "Supreme" BH OP with new package for Asia counts
  • Pop up book

Fan Built Bot

  • Autobot Jet
  • Female
  • Turbines in the wings
  • Sword is turbine tornado blade (charges it)
  • Red and Black were the winning colors
  • Name is WindBlade
  • Kabuki style face paint
  • Hopefully in comics
  • Will be the 30th exclusive in 2014


  • No plans for more Dinobots
  • They like combiners, but none planned
  • Somebody just asked them about THEM making Giant or Hercules

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SDCC 2013: Hasbro Beast Hunters Panel

This panel has started. Unfortunately the live blogging software is acting up. Will be posting updates here.

Really proud they won 3 daytime Emmy’s.


  • Bumblebee will talk
  • Played a clip of his voice
  • Will have a talking toy
  • New movie Predacons Rising
  • Zombie Predacons


  • Dinobots? Would like to do at some point
  • Prime will go through the spring
  • Usually plan for 3 seasons of story
  • Found out about ending in time to tie up loose ends
  • New cartoon coming, but there not "confirming" anything
  • Wanted to make Seaspray the baddest Wrecker ever
  • The Target exclusives are the only toys specific to Predacons Rising
  • Wreckers were going to be introduced in the final season
  • They use almost all of what they animate

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    Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 088: San Diego Comic-Con 2013!…

    In the same fashion as two years ago. It’s 4 am, we leave for our flight in 12 hours. I still have to pack, send out BMF’s first birthday invitations, put together our swag, clean out our back room for the in-laws, do a return and most importantly get some quality time with BMF since I worked a 12 hour day. Sleep? Who needs sleep. Watch the feeds for live blogs of all the big toy panels. See you after the con!

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    Back to the con again, the con again…Slick

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    Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 087: Denver Comic Con 2013!…

    Wow, just WOW! That was our initial reaction as we approached the Denver Convention Center on Friday for our first taste of the 2nd annual Denver Comic Con. As we neared the entrance I overheard a door person explaining that this was the beginning of the line and that the end of the line wrapped around block. The most shocking thing was he stated it would be shorter to go the opposite direction to get to the end of the line. It was at that moment I knew we were in for an AMAZING show.

    Lines are just a fact of con life. As we always say, it’s the best opportunity to meet you’re next best friend. We’re all there to enjoy things and odds are you’ll have at least a few of those things in common. Speaking of we, there were a whole lotta we’s, in fact there were approximately 61,000 we’s. That’s over 4 times more people than last year and last year was mind blowing for an inaugural show. The best thing is the entire con ran incredibly smooth, aside from maybe the line to get in. The staff was great, lines were efficient and we seldom heard a discouraging word from attendees. Not all of these things can be said for a majority of the cons we have covered. We’re already excited for next year. Only 11 months to go.

    Check out all the pics over on our Flickr page. While you’re there check out last year’s too. If you want to hear even more about the show check out my guest appearance on our homie cast, StayingOffTopic, part of the Points of Interest podcast network. Also, make sure to hang around until the end of our cast. We have a very special contest and there may be a hidden track or two (remember those?).

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    Until we con again…Slick

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    Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 086: StarFest 2013!…

    Hey, hey, hey, it’s con season and we got some reporting to do, and we are going to talk about a panel or two. You’ll have some fun now with me and the Mrs. here. Learning about StarFest while we drink some beer. Na, na, na, we had a good time. Na, na, na, your gonna have a good time!

    It’s been awhile since I busted out the lyrics, but I thought it was fitting for the occasion. That’s right, we’re back with a recap of our favorite local convention, Starland ’s StarFest 2013. As usual we had a blast. Due to the generosity of Dave, John and the rest of the Media crew, Mrs. McFavorite and I were able to attend all three days with Press credentials. This was the first time in the six years we were fortunate enough to attend more than one day. This really allowed us to absorb the full experience. From the opening of the dealer room on Friday, to the keynote panel Saturday evening, to Mrs. McFavorite’s annual massage, this year well earned and timed as it was the last we did before bidding 2013’s StarFest adieu.

    2013 seemed to be the year of the cosplayer. While StarFest has always had the highest ratio of costume enthusiasts to attendees we see all year, this year’s show was inundated with characters, literally. As usual, these brave souls dominate our photographic coverage of the show . If you missed it, here’s last year’s pics as well. The creativity of people is really at the heart of the con. As with past years we visited all of our favorite exhibits at the con, including the Art Show and Model Show. The best thing is you can vote for your favorite entry for the coveted Best of Show award. While we love art, we don’t tend to purchase any. However, we did buy some of these amazing pop culture posters . While not necessarily up our alley, this artist also blew us away we her talent, especially in relation to her age. At only 15, she has already won a ton of awards and is working professionally as a concept artist. As you can imagine, this is only a small taste of what this convention has to offer. Best thing yet? They have already announced the dates for next year’s show. So mark your calendars for May 2nd through the 4th of 2014. We hope to see you all there.

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    Let the cons begin…Slick

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    Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 085: TOY FAIR 2013!…

    Timely as usual. Here’s our Toy Fair coverage only a few weeks after the fact. You’ve heard everyone else chime in. You may have even heard some of our thoughts on Dave and Devall’s show, but now hear our opinions unedited, unmoderated and on our own show. This is one my favorite shows of the year. As usual we had some amazing announcements this year.

    Mattel prematurely blew their load involuntarily and in those leaks was one of my favorite things from show. It is perhaps one of my favorite figures from the entire line in his best homage yet. While most of the G.I. Joe toys had already been shown, we did get this treat. No matter how many versions of this figure we see, every time he just gets better and better. Transformers had my best of show yet again. No it wasn’t the largest Transformer to date; it was one of my favorite characters from the ‘86 movie. Finally Hasbro rocked the community with its announcement of a new Star Wars 6″ line. Black Series is possibly the “crossover” that may save the Star Wars line. Only time will tell.

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    See you later…Slick

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    Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 084: Toy Fair 2013, PSYCHE (I know, its been done)…

    I bet you thought this would be our Toy Fair episode and I think if we were any other podcast it would be. See my mom always taught me to finish what I started. We started this show about a week before Toy Fair and due to some unforeseen circumstances that we’ll discuss on the actual Toy Fair episode; we just finished it last night. So no, this is not our Toy Fair episode, but yes we will be recording a Toy Fair episode in the next couple of days. If you want some immediate satisfaction, you can hear some our thoughts about the big reveals on one our favorite shows, Dave and Devall’s Toys and Collectibles. We had a great night rocking with D&D. So much so we’ll be joining them for all major yearly toy milestones (i.e. Toy Fair and SDCC). This is great news because they’re much timelier than we are.

    So what got us excited before what was one of the best Toy Fairs to date? The biggest news in years was the announcement of the Gentle Giant sculpted Star Wars Black Series 6 inch line. This has got me incredibly excited. Robot Kingdom once again teased us with a preorder outta left field for the Transformers brand. While not necessarily a preorder, a major retailer’s computer system revealed yet another amazing item, this time for the G.I. Joe franchise. While not necessarily action figure related, Masters of the Universe had some great new items as well and it’s finally something Mrs. McFavorite can appreciate.

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    No seriously, we will definitely see you sooner rather than later this time…Slick

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