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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 119: The Perfect Storm…

Sometimes there’s a confluence of events that dictates the worst possible outcome. Welcome to our Toy Fair episode. Just under two months in the making, this should be our masterpiece. However, it is far from it. It is a cobbled together, multi-hour, mess of an episode, but it is ours and we love it. I […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 099: Podcasts recorded on the Web, 99 podcasts recorded…

Record one more, put it on the Web. 100 podcasts recorded on the Web. A year and a half ago I never thought we would get this close. Not to jinx us, but it looks like this is going to happen. The best thing about 100 is Mrs. McFavorite will be back. Unfortunately she has […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 098: Commitment, how many of us have them, uh, it…

I couldn’t help myself, had to go back to the music references. If this is your first time reading my musings, you probably don’t know that I really lean on music from my past for concepts. Even if you’re a regular reader, you may have missed that these posts have a pretty rigid format. It […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 090: Toy Fair 2014!…

What’s up? It has been a long time, this time for real, for really reals. It’s been over 7 months. I know, it’s crazy. Baby McFavorite is now officially Toddler McFavorite. My collecting has been going strong. I’ve been lurking on boards and still listening to casts. Much to Mrs. McFavorite’s chagrin, I still haven’t […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 085: TOY FAIR 2013!…

Timely as usual. Here’s our Toy Fair coverage only a few weeks after the fact. You’ve heard everyone else chime in. You may have even heard some of our thoughts on Dave and Devall’s show, but now hear our opinions unedited, unmoderated and on our own show. This is one my favorite shows of the […]

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