Welcome to Open Your Toys.  Over the next month or so, this will become the home of the Open Your Toys Cast, as well as your source for Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Masters of the Universe action figure fun.  My name is Jason Spiller (a.k.a. Slick McFavorite).  I was born in ’75 and grew up in the 80’s.  Being a willing participant in Reagan’s deregulation of children’s advertising, I fell in love with the exquisite tie-in between entertainment and and toys.  To this day, no one does it better than Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Transformers (not so much Masters of the Universe, but it is still fucking cool).  To this day I get chills from the first few seconds of any of their theme songs.

If you didn’t catch that, I did “say” fuck.  This site and especially the cast will not be for the kiddies.  While I love kids, I used to be one, I will not be censoring myself.  I curse like a sailor on the regular and that won’t be changing any time soon (maybe when I have kid).  If you are easily offended, I suggest you seek out your toy info from another source.  I hope you’ll subscribe and stay tuned.

We’ll be right back after these messages…Slick