I just received my new Lego Club Magazine for September and October. They have a big focus on the new Clone Wars sets including an interview with model designer Jens Kronvold Frederiksen. Frederiksen designed the new AT-TE (set #7675) and the Toys ‘R’ Us (TRU) / Lego Shop exclusive Homing Spider Droid (set #7681). If you go to the Lego Club home page and enter ClubCode "CLONEWARSQA" without the quotes, you’ll also get an exclusive interview with Chris Gollaher, Senior Global Product Development Manager for Lucas Licensing at Lucasfilm.

I was really glad to see all the new sets they released at the big Clone Wars launch on July 26, 2008. Especially the AT-TE and Republic Gunship (set #7676). While I own both of the original versions released during The Attack of the Clones, these add some great new features. The AT-TE is particularly impressive compared to its previous release. Look for a post on it coming soon.

T-22 Armored Airspeeder Lego Instructions Of particular interest is this page that shows how to build a T-22 Armored Airspeeder (click here to download a high res printable version 5.67 MB ). This is built using pieces from the previously mentioned AT-TE. The only mention I can find of any T-22 is from a piece of fan fic called "STAR WARS: Song of the Crusader" were it refers to "T-22 Space Superiority X-Wings". As there was no mention of it in the StarWars.com Databank or on fan favorite, Wookieepedia.com, I assume it is a Lego original or possibly a yet to be seen vehicle from the new animated series.

"The Republic T-22 armored airspeeder is a fast single-pilot repulsarlift vehicle designed to fly in close, blast Separatisits ships and droids with its four rapid-fire turbolasers and concussion missle, and then escape to make its next attack run. With a skilled pilot at the controls, a T-22 moving at full speed is almost impossible to hit." Excerpt from Lego Club Magazine

All in all, it is not a very impressive model. However, it is a great example of why you should sign up for the magazine as soon as your done reading this post. Not only do they have custom instructions for models such as this, but it is great to see the pics of kids with their customs, mini-fig comic strips and a great Star Wars section every time. All this for free, what the hell are you waiting for, the post is over…GO!