But, it’s about as close as I’ve ever received. Feast your eyes on one of the first things I have ever won. Unlike Ralphie’s dad in A Christmas Story , it required no real skills. I was randomly chosen from a bevy of my fellow collectors.

Transformers Collectors Club Classified Ad Prize Imagine my surprise, when I arrived home several days ago to find a box from Fun Publications. Now as Mrs. McFavorite can attest to, finding boxes on our porch is nothing new, but it is pretty rare that they are from Fun Publications. See, if you aren’t in the know, Fun Publications operates the G.I. Joe and Transformers Collector Clubs. I pretty much only receive a few boxes from them a year (i.e. membership figures, yearly exclusives and possibly Convention sets).

Transformers Collectors Club Classified Ad Prize Transformers Animated: Starscream is a pretty common figure, but one I’ve passed on up to this point that I really thought long and hard about. I even bought him in Cincy during Botcon, only to trade him for a Bumblebee and Prowl while in line with nothing for Bumper Robinson to sign. This was an even more difficult decision as I am somewhat of a seeker whore.

That being said I was super excited to open it. Starscream is a great figure, but I’m not going to bore you with a review, that you can get from any fan site and/or YouTube . Rest assured that now that the seal has been broken, bring on the flood of repaints. Skywarp is already here, oh Thundercracker, were art thou Thundercracker.

Well as the opening quote of the post signifies, it is that time of year again. Personally my favorite time of year. The snow starts coming more frequently, every store plays holiday music and I am in a better mood in general. To celebrate, I would like to take a page from one of my favorite podcasts/blogs, Branded in the 80’s . While Christmas time is my favorite season, Halloween is an extremely close second. Just as Shawn Michael Robare (a.k.a. Smurfwreck) attempts a daily post during the month of October to pay homage to his favorite time of the year, I will also attempt a post a day until Christmas. This will be the first (even though it’s technically December 2nd).

Will I do it? Fuck no, but I’ll try, and maybe the guilt of posting some bullshit promise on the Web will motivate my lazy ass.

Stay Tuned…Slick