Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (or the reason I read the Sunday comics again)

Hey toy fans, welcome back to another installment of the Open Your Toys blog. Today we stray slightly from our toy roots. I used to be a Sunday comics junkie. I followed Spiderman, The Boondocks, Zits, Dilbert, Garfield, Pickles and many others religiously on a weekly basis. Alas, most are no longer carried by my local paper. In fact, I had stopped reading them more than year ago.

That was at least until a few months ago, when hunting for deals on toys, gadgets and other geekdom related sales, I stumbled upon this gem. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! is a retro-style sci-fi comic strip done by Tim Rickard. You can check out the strips at I thought they were all stand-alones, but doing a little research on Wikipedia, I found that if your paper carries them on the weekdays~, there are actual stories arcs. I’m really interested in reading the serials and can’t wait to start digging into them online.

I checked out today’s strip over at and it was a pretty good Star Wars-themed parody of our economic peril. Make sure you stop by.  I have included some of my favorites below. I apologize about any difficulty you may have in reading them. I just didn’t feel quite right about posting them at a higher resolution in respect for the producers of the comic.

May the laughter be with you…Slick

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

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2 Comments on "Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (or the reason I read the Sunday comics again)"

  1. Jaime
    03/09/2009 at 6:14 pm Permalink

    VERY FUNNY, Now this is better than Robot Chicken.

  2. Slick McFavorite
    03/09/2009 at 10:58 pm Permalink

    Do you like the non-Star Wars parodies? Their Joe and MOTU stuff is hilarious

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