A new episode in less than a week? YAY! We talk about everything action figure related revealed during Toy Fair 2009 for the four franchises and I mean everything (okay not everything, but damn close). Besides Toy Fair, we have our normal amount of news (Botcon, ROTF, Wedge’s X-wing), sightings (TF Universe Legends and Voyagers, Joe’s Greatest Battles) and we actually have a toy review. Well, maybe not necessarily a review, but a rant of what $15-$20 buys in regard to Transformers Universe (Leo Prime) VS. Star Wars Crossovers (AT-TE/Captain Rex). Did I mention I scored a BMF for $64.

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If the economy/press credentials are with us, we will go to Toy Fair 2010, oh yes we will go to Toy Fair 2010…Slick