That’s right, we hit our first milestone, kind of. Episode 10 is a little later than we had hoped, but worth the wait, IMHO. I think we finally have the sound thing licked. Haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but what I have heard sounds better than the last few.

This week it’s back to the regular onslaught of news. Damn, are we ever going to get this thing under an hour? Mrs. McFavorite keeps telling me to not worry about, but I get a little OCD (okay a lot OCD) about things. Toy wise we get wind of this year’s Disney Star Wars/Star Tours exclusives, more Botcon figures revealed and we are swimming in Transformer fan made upgrade kits. Seeing some great new toys in the stores, a ton of new pre-orders up and we take a look at the Four Horsemen’s King Grayskull.

As always don’t forget all the ways to get your toy talk fix. Use the RSS, iTunes us or download the .mp3 (.mp3 47.1MB). Don’t pass up the chance to be an active listener and follow along with the show notes.

10 down, 990 to go, at least until we have to change our numbering system…Slick