Welcome back toy fans. Well we broke the 2 hour mark yet again. This time on a Saturday, so we are in much better spirits all the way through. I think Mrs. McFavorite might have something with this whole weekend recording thang. Editing is still taking awhile, but we’re getting better.

This week we get down with Mattel’s and Hasbro’s Q&A’s for Masters of the Universe, Stars Wars, G.I. Joe and Tansformers respectively. People are getting their MP Grimlocks, new Star Wars pics and Joe: ROC news. This is all in addition to what has become the regular update on fan-based projects and Transformers: ROF news. A lot of new stuff is showing up in stores and online. We even have some sales this week. So make sure you have a good chunk of time to devote to some toy fun and make sure to laugh, it makes you feel better. If not with us, at least at us.

While your at it, don’t forget to subscibe to the RSS or iTunes if you haven’t already. For your very own permanent copy, download the .mp3 (.mp3 59.3MB). If you would like to see the toys in all of their full color goodness, check out the show notes.

Mrs. McFavorite loves Saturdays and I love that she loves Saturdays…Slick

P.S. So sorry TaterX. Our reponse to your comment on our blog, as well as the whole listner feedback section got deleted somehow. We will make sure to talk about it next time. Feel free to bad mouth us to all your trucker buddies.