Well as usual, I slacked in getting something up. On the podcast I talked about a Lego Master Builder event in the good’ole Mile High City. I promised I would put up a scan of the flyer. So here you go…

Master Builder Event Flyer

The back was pretty boring, but here’s the good stuff:

  • You need the card to get the keychain
  • There’s a drawing for a $50 gift card
  • If you’re interested, the event goes approximately 11 am – 6 pm Friday, April 17th – Sunday April 19th, at least at our store

We’ll be there on Friday to kick it off and maybe Sunday to see it end. If you’re planning on attending, let us know when, we would love to meet up with some readers/listeners.

Speaking of Lego, we just got our new Lego Club Magazine, and WHOA! And not some half-ass Joey Lawrence whoa, but a $249.99 WHOA! That’s right, the most impressive new piece in the mag is also the most expensive. You remember the Republic Dropship with the AT-OT we saw at Toy Fair, well here it is in all of it’s marketing goodness.

Lego Star Wars Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

It’s not online yet, so this will have to keep you satisfied in the interim. For some this will be an easy pass, as it should be for me, being a semi-frugal collector. Unfortunately for my bank account, but fortunately for my joy, this features two of my most favorite Star Wars vehicles and one military-esque/Transformer-style gimmicks I LOVE, combining two equally cool things into an even cooler bigger thing.

When I first saw this at Toy Fair, I was hoping for maybe $149, but damn $249? That’s more than an AT-TE and Gunship combined. This won’t be a pre-order or even necessarily a first day buy. Given the price I will need to see reviews and more likely have to see it in person.

All is not lost though, because it is the week before Easter and you know what that means, TOY SALES! We wanted to get a cast out this week, but it’s not looking good. I decided, that I had to at least review all the big sales this week.

  • Kmart: $4.99 Star Wars 3.75″ Action Figures
  • Toys’R’Us: $8 Transformers Animated and Universe Deluxes, 2/$10.99 Star Wars 3.75″ Action Figures, Lego buy one, get one half off
  • Target: Target has so much it gets its own secondary list
    • Transformers: $8 Animated Deluxes, $7.99 Mighty Muggs, $18.99 Animate and Universe Voyagers (including Safeguard), $21.99 Ultras, $29.99 Leaders, Universe Deluxes are clearancing at $8 at some of my stores
    • Star Wars: $6.99 3.75″ Action Figures, $17.99 Vehicles, and Ultimate Battle Packs are clearancing from $38 – $27, and most Star Wars Lego sets are on sale

The big debacle this week was that the Target Exclusives G1 Shockwave and Sunstorm were marked down to $4.99. Of course collectors jumped on this. I myself, when out to score me a pair and what was plentiful a couple weeks ago was gone and I mean gone. By today, they had changed it to what is assumed to be the correct sale price, $22.49. While that was amazingly fast for such a large chain, the damage was done. I only found 3 yesterday after going to four Targets. I hope no one lost their job over that one. At least they can rest assured that collectors and unfortunately scalpers, everywhere thank them.

May typos be with us (they make the world seem more human)…Slick