It is definitely a movie year and not just one but two, a Star Wars t.v. show and did you know they’re actually making Master of the Universe figures again? My fanboy excitement level is at an all-time high. Too bad my bank account is at an all-time low. Never fear, Easter sales are here. I cleaned up and I ain’t talking about the house. I’m not quite sure how the rising of my homie, Jesus (mandatory to pronounce in the chicano fashion), equates to giving kids toys, but family, fun, ham and toys, yes please.

News once again keeps us talking up a storm. Not that there is anything wrong with that. With Con season approaching, we talk about BotCon, JoeCon (Canada-style), Comic-Con and TFCon. Or, at least some of the toys associated with them anyway. Movie toys are showing up on shelves and probably not the movie you’re thinking of. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…sales, sales, sales. It also looks like we will be able to purchase a little portion of our childhood, DVD-style. And, what kid wouldn’t want to sleep in there very own simulated dead animal carcass. I know I would.

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Just think, only seven more months till the next big sales…Slick and The Mrs.