Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 014: YAY! CON SEASON!

That’s right, just went to the best Mile High City con, TFCon was also this weekend, next week is Canadian Joe Con, Botcon is less than a month away and we are getting very excited. Yes, we, even Mrs. McFavorite. My evil plans have come to fruition. Get Mrs. McFavorite excited about non-SDCC cons, then get her hooked on exclusives and then have her drag me around the country as oppose to vice versa.

We are getting peeks at tons of exclusives. Fan-based Transformer projects are picking up speed yet again and a pretty good Star Wars Q and A. Unfortunately it’s that slow time of year when more of the almost guaranteed short-lived [insert ridiculously long list of over hyped summer movies here] merchandise is hitting while the big lines wait for that ever nearing July convention. There’s a couple new things poppin’ up on the pegs and shelves and a whole mess of Star Wars pre-orders are up. We stray from the fav four a little and … oh yeah, G.I. Joe: Resolute was AWESOME!

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That’s right, I’m tired of customizing the last paragraph as it’s probably better served as a list of links or maybe just because I’m really really lazy…Slick

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3 Comments on "Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 014: YAY! CON SEASON!"

  1. SabertronToys
    28/04/2009 at 10:25 pm Permalink

    Salutations My McFavorite McCouple!

    Side note, front note, back note, note note: Sabertron is now Sabertrontoys! But everyone @ SabertronToys, FL calls me: “Saber” and you can too. (Bow)

    Slicko, Glad you enjoyed the garbage I was posting on Twitter & Facebook that I witnessed on my toy run today. And when I say garbage I don’t mean the new Animated Wreck-Gar. I mean broken transformers in somewhat intact boxes proudly displayed by Target & Walmart store shelves. My guess is that they were targeting the senile & blind demographic…or both.

    Here are the statistics of my mini Transformers Toy Run Today:
    37 miles, 3 Targets, 1 Toys R Us & 1 Wal-Mart = 1 Transformers Universe Countdown. ;(

    Ok, so I thought that maybe I could catch the very first ROTF figures that were rumored to be coming out. But the answer was hands down, nope.

    Those two words you speak off Mr. Slicko, BOT CON, make me shake with excitement! CANNOT WAIT! I don’t think I’d be able to get my wife to come to these Cons with me…not after she saw the pictures. Three pictures into my Botcon 2008 photo album and she was d/l divorce papers. Well not really, but almost!

    Mrs. McFavorite, is your future post going to be about the negative people you keep encountering or the bad drivers you guys speak of? No, I bet it’s about the bruise you got when you tripped over Slicko’s boxes of everything HASBRO! PS: My wife’s Mighty Muggs Asajj Ventress says hi! Yeah Asajj sits proudly next to my wife’s puny, I mean puny toy collection. 😉 My wife doesn’t even know who Asajj is, I got it for her because my wife’s name is Aja and she likes to Vent, so I put 2 and 2 together and spent the $ and there you have it…a story to tell at family/friend dinners…NOT!

    Toy Review #1: Transformers Classics Universe Darkwind.

    I mean Purple Silverbolt, I mean Darkwing, I mean Dreadwing, I mean Darkwind! Yep, Silverbolt gets a Metro Makeover, mojitos anyone? I mean let’s stop the insanity with these repaints already…and if you are gonna repaint them, don’t make them look so darn disco looking. I put Darkwind on my collection shelf and at least 6 other decepticons tipped over with laughter. I took him off my shelf to do my official toy review of him that you can find on my Ebay world page, and when I put him back, I put another Decepticon in front of him…I had to. Ironically, the Decepticon I put in front of Darkwind was Stormcloud…who is a repaint of Powerglide Ahhhhhhhh STOP THE INSANITY!
    Summary: Darkwind is too easy to transform and his paint looks like something out of a South Beach rennovation project…

    2 out of 5 Saber Points

    Toy Review #2: Transformers Animated Waspinator.

    The buzz on him is that he’s as ugly in the cartoon world as he is in real life. Keep in mind that I am one of those “Anti-Beast Wars” types, although as a completist, well, you pretty much collect everything Transformers as long as there is not a “Crossovers” in the name. Here are the pro’s and con’s on Waspinator. Pro’s: He’s a Transformer, so buy him and it to your collection. And now the Con’s: He’s ugly in robot and alternate mode. His cartoon character sucks. He sounds like one of the muppets drunk. Can be transformed from robot mode to alternate mode and back 57 times in less than 15 seconds. Should have died in Blackarachnia’s experiment. Summary: Sigh, I hate to be so negative about some Transformers, especially ones that I buy twice (one for keep and one for sleep)…

    1.5 out of 5 Saber Points

    Toy Review #3: Transformers Animated Sunstorm.

    YAAAAAAAY! Where do I start?!?!?! Do I really need to go over his mold after it has been reviewed over 3 million times since the original Animated Starscream first invaded our shelves? NO! For those of you new to the fandom or Transformers in general, Sunstorm is one of the most nostalgic figures in Transformers history! I still can’t believe the amount of demand there is for Sunstorm for only showing himself for a split second in Part 1 of the original cartoon series. His cartoon personality, along with the other Starscream clones, were one of the best ideas for character development in recent time which really helped give the seeker repaints the continuity that I always felt they desperately needed.

    5 out of 5 Saber Points

    Your podcast keeps going over the 22 hour per show mark, but I keep listening. You guys help provide that plastic crack to the ears that I so desperately need when I have to have my fix!


  2. Slick McFavorite
    29/04/2009 at 5:00 pm Permalink

    DamnSaber, now that’s some typing. Sorry your run was so fruitless. Also sorry to see your stores so spread out. My normal runs are as follows:

    28 miles – 4 Targets, 3 Walmarts, 1 TRU and 2 Kmarts
    33 miles – 4 Targets, 4 Walmarts, 1 TRU, 1 Kmart and 1 Sear Essentials
    35 miles – 4 Targets, 3 Walmarts and 3 Kmarts

    Mega Run – combines all three and is only for the most hardcore hunting (i.e. McQuarries, 25th Anniversary variants, ’76 Camaro Bumblebee):

    67 miles – 8 Targets, 7 Walmarts, 2 TRUs, 4 Kmarts and 1 Sear Essentials

    I unfortunately know the miles, because I evaluated the effectiveness of the runs while gas was over $4 here. It doesn’t hurt that I live and work in pretty much central Denver.

    What ROTF figures had been seen? The previews?

  3. SabertronToys
    29/04/2009 at 9:50 pm Permalink

    Hola Familia McFavoritos…

    Yeah I can type relentlessly if I have to….ROAR!

    This was a typical “mini” run…my “Hardcore Hunting” stats are alot more plentiful, I shall post those numbers next time I do an “all-dayer!” Wow, it’s gonna be hard to top the 67 mile stat, but I people build stuff out here like you wouldn’t believe, so we’ll see!

    I have not heard of any ROTF figures being reviewed. When I troll the internet in search of other Transformers, since there are so many different molds under the same name like the usual suspects: Ironhide, Starscream, etc… I read and quickly ignore posts about ROTF toy sightings in various stores. Sometimes those posts are accompanied by ROTF new figure boxes, which I also quickly ignore. The Rumorville is a huge cult nowadays, but unfortunately, with the blessing/curse of the internet, alot of Transformers rumors are true because people who work at Paramount continue to try and spoil this movie for me!!! What ever happened to the element of surprise?!?!?!

    Only Botcon is allowed to spoil ROTF for me. You can’t miss me, I will be the guy fogging up the ROTF figure showcase glass!


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