Even with only a week in between, seemingly not nearly as much news and not seeing anything on our shelves and pegs, we still manage to go 2+ hours. That’s okay though, because we love what we do and we hope it shows. Botcon can’t seem to get here fast enough and Mrs. McFavorite finally has something to really look forward to. Weird Al, that’s right, Weird mutha fuckin’ Al! Strange to see profanity written. It seems to carry more power when you read it as oppose to just hearing it, but I digress.

For the first time we are actually considering the dinner, just so we can gawk at him. We’re really not the types to strike up conversation, just seems a little too fake if you don’t have something really insightful to talk about. However, we are not above staring from a far. It’s seems it is par for the course when it comes to our celebrity encounters.

Oh yeah…toys. Biggest news, ROTF figures are hitting shelves, least surprising, it’s before the mandatory street date. Will you be hunting this weekend? I know I will. Also, lots of pics of new Star Wars in package. And, are we already seeing repaints of ROC figures that have yet to come out. How big is this line going to be? Personally, I’m a little underwhelmed by the designs so far. Thanks to Heath and Sabertron for your continued support. Finally, is Mrs. McFavorite more excited about the Rise of Cobra trailer than me? Really? Really?

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I sat here for 20 minutes trying to think of something witty and nothing, so this is as good as it gets…Slick