Our apologies to everyone, this should have been out a few days before Botcon, then right before Botcon, then right after Botcon and at long last now. All I can say is life, go figure. It’s been a busy couple weeks for the Mrs. and me. Last week was a blur as we prepared for Botcon. Botcon was amazing, but busy. This week has been filled with catchin’ up.

We hope to get a cast about our time at Botcon posted by Wednesday of next week. In the meanwhile, again something that was supposed to be done two weeks ago, we have posted photos and videos from last year’s Botcon. In our upcoming official Botcon episode we’ll share our thoughts about the show, the toys, and most importantly, the incredible people we were privileged to share time with.

We had a blast with Sabertron. If you haven’t done so yet, hit up SabertronToys.com . He’s got forums, a blog (which he has already posted a ton of Botcon stuff, a definite must) and links to some of the amazing G1 auctions he’s running. Can you say almost every G1 combiner complete? Most have been bought with Buy It Now by the posting of this, but there is still Menasor, Devastator and Superion.

We also got to film an episode of Toy Break with George and Ayleen from October Toys . It was great to see all of their amazing toys and actually sit on the Toy Break couch. You can check out the show at ToyBreak.com (we are on episode 79, but that shouldn’t matter because you should watch all of them). If you and/or your friends want to get really hammered, just take a drink every time I say "you know". I counted at least five in one minute at one point. Do I say it that often in our cast?

Well it’s late as usual . It was late, now it’s early. The Mrs. and I are driving 7 hours up to the big YO (Wyoming) after work tomorrow today for a little mini family reunion, then right back down on Sunday. It’s a tough drive, but it’s a labor love.

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