The title says it all, literally. This entire episode is dedicated to our trip to Botcon 2009 in Pasadena, California. This was my second year and as you know, Mrs. McFavorite was a Botcon virgin. Would she enjoy herself? Would she wanna hurt herself? Would she wanna hurt me?

There are show notes that outline all the best reveals during the panels, but next to no links. If you wanna know further details, hit up any of the fan sites, most of them had pretty good coverage. We have posted a new set of photos from the show . To take a look at all the toy goodness that Hasbro had on display, check out our YouTube Botcon 2009 playlist . There’s only ambient sound, so please provide your toy viewing soundtrack of preference.

Lastly I want to say by far our favorite part of the entire trip was the people we got to share our time with. From Sabertron of to Ayleen and George of Toy Break and October Toys . From having a quick bite with Hasbro Senior Designer Bill Rawley to being on Episode 79 of Toy Break . And the guests. Don’t even get me started. Needless to say we had an absolutely amazing time.

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As usual we’re 2+ hours, so sit down, relax and let us spin you a tale of fans, friends and lines, oh my…Slick