Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 019: WOW! Just wow.

As I started the show notes, I realized between the delay of posting 17 and 18 being completely dedicated to Botcon there has been a massive amount of news. As such we have a massive show for you this week. What do I consider massive? Try 3+ hours of toy goodness. Those needing to pass some time, you’re welcome. Those who prefer shorter shows, sorry. We can at least guarantee our next show will be shorter.

We have Q and A’s for Star Wars, Transformers and Masters of the Universe Classics. More SDCC exclusives are being added daily. The stores are ripe with ROTF figures. There is a ton of new stuff online and quite a bit of promotions as well. Have I ever said how much I love movie years? Well I do.

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Love, peace and TOYS…Slick

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6 Comments on "Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 019: WOW! Just wow."

  1. jaime
    29/06/2009 at 5:07 pm Permalink

    Hey kid’s of Open your toy’s cast,nice show but the intro from jes(with one S) had me scratching my head!,was the show set to stop at 1 hour 40 min?

  2. jaime
    29/06/2009 at 5:27 pm Permalink

    1.the show,take your time i luv it but if it’s rushed your not giveing it your all don’t feel the need to put a show out there just to have a show on the site,if you guy’s have no time or no news we your fan’s will understand. 2.we’ve got the G.I.JOE movie fig’s down there 3.STOP PICKING ON YODA 4.Dude your a Green Lantern fan?, I’m a Flash fan(that’s the man in Red who run’s super fast-not Superman-for Jes)(with one S) Good show as allway’s kid’s many thank’s you mate Jaime.

  3. jaime
    29/06/2009 at 5:28 pm Permalink

    And who’s Licking who?

  4. SabertronToys
    29/06/2009 at 9:21 pm Permalink


    Howdy Denver!

    I’ll leave any spoiler details bout ROTF next week but…WOW.

    Round 1 – I watched ROTF on opening Tuesday/Wednesday with my wife at the midnight showing, we fell asleep 3 times, and we did not understand what the heck was happening at the end. I fell asleep in the most important parts (of course). Sources close to me say I was asleep for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Round 2 – We went to watch ROTF with some friends at around 7:50…and Wow just wow, IT ALL MADE SENSE! I put the movie in a choke hold after watching it half asleep then I was kicking myself for doing it. My wife and I kept whispering to each other “This movie is as good as the first,” “This Movie is awesome.” “This movie is fucking awesome.”

    Round 3 – We want back to do the janitorial work on ROTF. Basically that means, now that we really watched it while we were paying attention one time, we needed to see it again to catch stuff that we missed. And there was stuffed that we missed!

    The best news I’ve heard about the Transformers movie franchise is that there is going to be a 3 year gap in between TF2 & TF3. Why is this important for me? Well, I sell toys on Ebay and I need to keep crossing my fingers that this latest wave of new fans stays involved with their G1 & other series collectings.

    The bester news is that I met my wife back in 1994. I dragged her by her hair (not literally) to go to the reissues of the Star Wars IV-V-VI movies back in 1997. She finally got into the Star Wars series right around the same time she was developing a bald spot from the hair pulling (kidding) Anywho, I made my wife watch as much of the 1986 Animated Movie to kind of set up for Transformers Live Action Movie in 2007. We got to the part where Daniel was dancing on a hoverboard with “Dare” blasting in the background. My wife said “This is stupid,” and the DVD was turned off. 🙁 But oh to my delight, we watched TF1 and she was not dissapointed. Then, we watched it again. My wife was HOOKED! Now, every once in a while, when TF1 comes on while my wife is flicking through the channels, she watches it TILL THE END! My wife is starting to Transform herself to a TFfan before my very eyes!

    But the BESTEST NEWS WAS YET TO COME! Without giving away any details of the movie, my wife fell in love with Sideswipe & Sideways! Then a few days ago, the most wonderful thing EVER happened. She kept talking about Sideswipe & Sideways so much, that…I PULLED THEM OFF OF MY SHELF AND GAVE THEM TO HER…..AND SHE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! Since I plan NEVER to have children, I guess this is the feeling that a dad would get when he hands one of his prized traditional posessions down to the next generation. I had a lump in my throat and everything (awwwwwwwww).

    Guys I have been BRB/AFK since Botcon, I know. Work down here has come to a complete stand still. It’s so bad down here that if South Florida were to get nuked, it would be an improvement. Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, who has either been laid off, about to get laid off, or has taken a serious pay cut.

    Anyways, taking a page from the McFavorite’s book….what will ultimately get you through life is staying positive.

    Love you guys!

  5. jaime
    30/06/2009 at 1:19 am Permalink

    My bad downloaded the show again IT’S ALL THERE thank’s guy’s.

  6. jaime
    30/06/2009 at 6:35 pm Permalink

    Ok the show was long but that’s the way i like it baby,so arfter the first run of trying to download this motherf*%king show and my Dumb-Ass computer only downloaded 1 hour 40min,so lastnight i downloaded the full show all 3 hours dam it was good,so i’ve got the show on my PSP and ipod and i put it on,the same day i rented the Unborn (the movie)it’s a new Release,so i have to watch it that night, so i put it on but i’m dig’in on O.Y.T (show 19) so what do i do? I watch the Unborn and Listen to show 19,my new way to watch movie’s, Many Thank’s.

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