That’s right, the big two oh and we do it up big. Well kinda. We have an amazing new intro/outro by my main man, producer, MC extraordinaire, Aero from Third Light Productions. We have finally been accepted to Google Voice (thanks to Ayleen) after 8 months of waiting. What does that mean? Say it with me, NO MORE EXTENSION! So program that shit (720-235-TOYS (8697)) into your phone and let us hear your voice.

Our sincere thanks to our special guest co-host, Whitaker ‘McLovin’. He gives us a great outsider’s perspective to our madness. Mrs. McFavorite especially appreciated having someone to rep her side for once.

In the news, Rise of Cobra has hit with a big fat thud. Not impressed unfortunately. I got a whole Ice Viper, Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Pretty sad for a launch day. Fortunately everything is just sitting around, so there is no rush. The only things that are remotely difficult to find are the army builders. We get a first good look at Devastator, video style. Mattel is back with yet another Q and A. Oh yeah, we saw and bought a ton of stuff. Correction: I bought a ton of stuff.

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Never thought we would make it this far. Thank you Open Your Toys fam…Slick