Hey toy fans it seems like it has been forever. Oh wait, it has been forever. I just realized it has been over a month since our last cast. Funny thing is this episode was recorded over a month ago. As with Botcon, we meant to get this out on the way to SDCC, but obviously failed. We even took our recording gear to Comic-Con, but of course had no time. I don’t know how these other casts do it, but more power to them.

So this is our pre-SDCC show, as a result the news is going to be very outdated. So much so, we debated whether to release it or not. After a fair amount of crying and pleading, Mrs. McFavorite agreed to edit the show for posterity. Our next show will be our post Comic-Con wrap up, again, almost a month late. However, now that everyone has had a chance to digest the news onslaught which is SDCC, we can all talk on the same level about what excited us the most. So please give us call (720.235.TOYS (8697)) and let us know what you thought the most exciting reveal was. Also for all of our listeners that have stuck with us through the dry times, we will have our first giveaway.

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Thanks for your continued support and I can safely say our next show should minimally take slightly less time to get to you…Slick