Timely as usual, a month later we present our 2009 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention (or Joecon) wrap up. What is truly amazing is we manage to spend as much time talking about this very low key convention as we did SDCC. That’s right, get ready for another onslaught of stories, explanations and rampant tangents spread over 4 hours. We are going to break this cast up as well. Part 1 covers each of the day’s events. In part 2, we will rock our normal segments including What We Got.

As with Botcon and San Diego Comic-Con, we took a ton of photos and videos. Mostly of the new toys of course, but there are some truly amazing dioramas you must see. You can check out our photos on Flickr and our videos on YouTube . To be notified of future uploads, subscribe to us, at least on YouTube. We’ll be moving our photo hosting off of Flickr due to a ridiculous photo limit of 200 on their free accounts. Due to this, many of the older Botcon photos are not currently available. Bear with while we set up a new photo service.

Once again, we love you guys. Big thanks to Tater and Vern for their voicemails! Can’t wait to hear more of your voices. Don’t forget our first "big" giveaway. Deadline for entries is October 7th (our one year anniversary, YAY!).

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May conventions be with us, always…Slick