As you found out from our last show, this is an official two-parter baby. Talk so nice, we’re making you have to listen twice (or at least at two different times). We round out the show with our regular segments: Store Report, Online, What We Got, our favorite, Listener Feedback and Questions and of course Grab Bag, our second favorite.

For the last three segments we have Whitaker (er, McLovin) back in the McFavorite digs. We’re also joined by a podcast virgin, my best man, from the Yucatan, Big Red (er, Jeremy). It’s about par for the course; we show them stuff, ask them how much they think it is and/or what they would pay for it and then laugh at them for not knowing.

That’s the problem. I don’t know if we have mentioned it before, but we only have one or two friends that actually give one shit (that’s less than two shits) about toys and none that really collect. It gets lonely sometimes. I don’t know if any of you feel the same? If you do, don’t, you got US!

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Thanks to everyone for all the anniversary love lately. We look forward to many more with you (tear)…Slick