Hey toy fans! Mr. Slicky here, happy as a clam. How happy is clam anyway? Well it really doesn’t matter, I’m still sitting here with a big stupid grin on my face. Yes, I have been drinking, but it has much more to do with all the news from Toy Fair 2010. However, don’t get your hopes up prematurely. We’re not talking about Toy Fair just yet. This show was actually recorded the week prior.

The best thing about what is now our longest show ever, is our very special guest host. That’s right, you didn’t think Mrs. McFavorite and I could actually talk about toys for almost four hours by ourselves. Listeners of the cast well recognize the voice as none other than Vern Phillips. Vern agreed to be a very tolerant guinea pig as we tried out our very first Skype-based cast. I haven’t listened to everything yet, but they seemed to record well and Mrs. McFavorite didn’t say anything while editing, so let us hope everything is hunky-dory.

So what exactly do we cover in almost 4 hours of yapping? Well it is beginning to look a lot like Con’ Season everywhere you go. We get a better look at Transformer Collector Club exclusives. Then there is the first okay shot of the BAT-AT. Did you hear we might see a reissue of Predaking, again? That makes me very happy. Ridiculous amounts of toys are hitting pegs and shelves across the country, including Legends Devastator and new Transformers: Animated. Lotsa of new pre-orders too. I’m especially excited about the new FansProject’s Crossfire/Bruticus upgrade kits. Finally, we talk Razzies and our franchises and Prime and Bumblebee get some cleavage.

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I know it seems long, but relative to your lifetime, four hours is really not that bad…Slick