Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 029: Man, it is a great time to be a collector!

Hey toy fans! Mr. Slicky here, happy as a clam. How happy is clam anyway? Well it really doesn’t matter, I’m still sitting here with a big stupid grin on my face. Yes, I have been drinking, but it has much more to do with all the news from Toy Fair 2010. However, don’t get your hopes up prematurely. We’re not talking about Toy Fair just yet. This show was actually recorded the week prior.

The best thing about what is now our longest show ever, is our very special guest host. That’s right, you didn’t think Mrs. McFavorite and I could actually talk about toys for almost four hours by ourselves. Listeners of the cast well recognize the voice as none other than Vern Phillips. Vern agreed to be a very tolerant guinea pig as we tried out our very first Skype-based cast. I haven’t listened to everything yet, but they seemed to record well and Mrs. McFavorite didn’t say anything while editing, so let us hope everything is hunky-dory.

So what exactly do we cover in almost 4 hours of yapping? Well it is beginning to look a lot like Con’ Season everywhere you go. We get a better look at Transformer Collector Club exclusives. Then there is the first okay shot of the BAT-AT. Did you hear we might see a reissue of Predaking, again? That makes me very happy. Ridiculous amounts of toys are hitting pegs and shelves across the country, including Legends Devastator and new Transformers: Animated. Lotsa of new pre-orders too. I’m especially excited about the new FansProject’s Crossfire/Bruticus upgrade kits. Finally, we talk Razzies and our franchises and Prime and Bumblebee get some cleavage.

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I know it seems long, but relative to your lifetime, four hours is really not that bad…Slick

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12 Comments on "Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 029: Man, it is a great time to be a collector!"

  1. jaime
    18/02/2010 at 1:14 am Permalink

    First up, Luv the 3 part in 1 Release,very cool,the special guest Mr.Vern Phillips fit’s in well with the podcast, i liked he’s info on all thing’s toy’s( & football),Sound’s like “Hasbro” need’s to bring back ALL the G1 Transfomers?,let’s hope O.Y.T.C. can make it to “Botcon”,Headless head-master’s that look’s like a blue Duck……………..? that need’s it own Podacast, as allway’s outstanding work McFavorite’s & Mr. Phillips.

  2. SabertronToys
    18/02/2010 at 7:14 am Permalink

    Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8…I mean this is something out of George Lucas’s logistical marketing camp. That, or something out of Danielle Steele’s epic novels that seem to never end (I dunno anything bout romance novels, so if I misrepresented how novels work, Mrs. McFavorite, I would encourage you to punch me).


    * WARNING *

    If you buy knock off TF’s of any kind. These include china remakes & TRU G1 Exclusives, you WILL die slowly of CANCER. If you make a new TF Toy line, and make new molds based on old figures…that’s COOL. That’s called evolution…it’s how collectibles work. But if you make a toy line that copies G1 figures, with cheaper and crappier materials 25+ years later, you are an uncreative jerk-of-a-saurus. Do you really wanna to give your hard earned money to these jerk-of-a-saurus. Ohhhhhhh, and nevermind the fact that for every G1 crappy remake, it makes the original G1 toy worth less money.

    Remember people: When you think of buying chepo remakes of G1’s, think of the slow, agonizing death from CANCER. Original G1 GOOD – CANCER BAD.

    (Slick I still can’t get over you buying that EnCrapCore Omega Supreme @ Botcon 2009. The only reason you have not died of CANCER yet is because I pray for you every night. I pray for you to do the right thing. I tell God to keep you CANCER free every day. But I do pray for your home’s furnace to break one night when it’s 50 below zero outside…… you can take those crappy EnCoreCraps off the shelves, and out of their boxes, so you can make a plastic campfire so you, & the Mrs., can survive another night. OpenYourToys & Throw Those Bad Boys AWAY!)

    Coming up tomorrow: ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe Review! (I know, I know, 8 months in the making) I’m gonna start time stamping my reviews…and if I don’t do them when I say I’m going to do them, then I will be forced to write you out a $5.00 check for each instance I “forgot” to make the review…

    How’s that?


  3. Slick McFavorite
    18/02/2010 at 4:11 pm Permalink


    Thank you man! We decided to break it up into three parts just in case people want to listen to specific parts of the show and not others. Also figured this would be the best way to get hardcore OYTC listeners their fix in a big fat speed ball of toy goodness.

    Love the “blue duck’. They could make that the headmaster for a reissue of the Disney Label Donald Duck Transformer.


    Spoken like a true reseller. While you provide an invaluable service to the community and are definitely not a scalper, Encores/Commemoratives serve a great purpose. They get some of the best toys ever into people’s hands that would not normally be able to afford them. Better yet they are inexpensive way to get truly minty Transformers in package. Do you know what a MISB G1 Omega Supreme goes for? And, isn’t opening a new toy half the fun?

    So please keep praying for me. Mrs. McFavorite appreciates her husband not dead.

    P.S. I’ll expect my first check ASAP!

  4. jaime
    19/02/2010 at 1:26 am Permalink

    @ Sabertron ,Chill out man i mean, Cancer,Wow, i like your shit but chill out Brother.

    @Slick, Yeah i like Family Guy but season 8 & Something something something Dark side SUCKED, now i know why they put it on Dvd before Tv.

  5. Saber
    19/02/2010 at 11:47 pm Permalink

    ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe

    “Damn He’s Good…”

    He’s not only good…he’s great. Seems like every toy line I end up falling in ultra love with @ least one figure. In ROTF, the title of totally awesome goes to Sideswipe. Although he didn’t say much, he didn’t have to say much. But why review the Deluxe mold and not the Human Alliance mold? Well…as beautifully as the Human Alliance figures display on shelves, there has always been something so very fisher pricey about the Human Alliance aka Alternators mode. The best parallel I can give to explain this is the difference between a GI Joe 3 1/2″ figure and a GI Joe 12″ figure. There is something so cool about making something so big, on such a small scale…… then there is also something so incredibly doll like in a 12″ figure. Fortress Maximus doesn’t count as a doll eventhough he was HUGE because he was a city so he had to be HUGE. I know, I know * NERD ALERT! * But a doll isn’t a toy, it’s a doll. I dunno but it’s always been a creepy feeling I’ve had with my toys…maybe I should tell my shrink about it? Anyways, here he is, in all his glory!

    VEHICLE MODE: (5 out of 5 Saber Points)

    I’m sure in high school Sideswipe didn’t have to do much talking to get hot chicks to hop inside for a ride home. Besides being silver, the absolute awesomest color on the planet, his alt-mode is sleek & low to the ground. No other adjectives I pick out will do him any justice, so just google Sideswipe’s alt mode and make it your wallpaper or facebook profile pic. 🙂

    ROBOT MODE: (5 out of 5 Saber Points)

    Sideswipe in robot mode is as cool, if not cooler, than his alt-mode. Unlike the original G1 “brickformer” style legs, Sideswipe has skated himself into the hearts of many, like Scott Hamilton did when he won gold in Sarajevo. Well maybe not that gay, but gay enough to make us TF fans extremely happy.

    MOLD: (5 out of 5 Saber Points)

    You all know how I feel about repaints… Sometimes repaints have their place in the TF world, but, it’s so important to continue to make new molds. The evolution of Transformers is an important thing that must not be overlooked. When you see the same mold over and over again, then get introduced to a Sideswipe mold, your mind shutters to think how Hasbro could have outdone themselves…AGAIN. His mold is wow, and whoever came up with it at Hasbro needs a pay raise. No wait, that would mean the deluxes would cost $15.99, scratch the raise.

    WEAPONS: (4 out of 5 Saber Points)

    I don’t care how cool a TF figure is, unless it’s Headmaster Chuck Norris, a Transformer needs at least ONE WEAPON THAT FIRES SOMETHING! Yeah Sideswipe is packing mucho schwing, but you can’t bring a knife to a gun fight! Sideswipe does pack a pair of beautiful, cut-through-anything, cybertron-style, ginsu machetes. Like Baraka on crack rock, Sideswipe’s exagerratedly long blades, stole the show. So much in fact, that during filming of ROTF, Sideways would often complain that Sideswipe was cutting into his screen time. (Canned Laughter)

    OVERALL: (5 out of 5 Saber Points)

    When figures like Sideswipe are created, it makes me feel like Hasbro is at least trying to be as creative as they can…errrrrr that is when they are not busy repainting an older mold 100,000 times. Sideswipe is as cool out of packaging as he is in packaging. He will display as beautifully on your shelf, as he will as your cpu’s desktop wallpaper. Make sure when you display him on your shelf though, that you have him in his signature movie pose, skating & shredding.


    Next Review is ROTF Devastated, I mean Devastator, on Monday, 2/20/10

    See you then…

  6. Slick McFavorite
    20/02/2010 at 3:39 pm Permalink

    You were cutting it pretty close there. Love that Sideswipe! Only gripe is that he needs some kickstands. Looking forward to your Devastator review.

    Good lookin’ out Saber…Slick

  7. Saber
    22/02/2010 at 8:39 pm Permalink

    * ROTF Devastator – Review *


    (Cling; Clang; Cling) That’s the sound of Devastator’s brass balls echoing in the silence of jaw dropped TF Fans who could not understand Devastator’s purpose in ROTF. Or maybe it was Michael Bay’s balls which he loves to dangle in front of TF Fans cause he knows he’s in charge…and we have no say in the matter. Before I get to the toy review, let’s explore why Megatron and/or the Fallen decided to create Devastator. You mean to tell me that Devastator was built for the sole purpose of ripping the top of the pyramid which could have just as easily been removed by a well calculated Megatron cannon shot? Devastator could have had so much more potential with a better script. Could you imagine the chaos the merged Constructicons could have made if they were unleashed on a city? Oh well, I guess the millions of dollars in movie merchandise us TF Fans are spending is going to Hasbro who “obviously” knows what’s best for us.

    VEHICLE MODE – (1 out of 5 Saber Points)

    Devastatingly cool construction vehicles with disastrously poor engineering. These vehicles shouldn’t even count because THEY DO NOT TRANSFORM INTO ROBOTS!!!!!! The only reason I gave the vehicles 1 Saber point was because I at least had to acknowledge them as a vehicle. But the cop-outs at Hasbro really need to get slapped for being allowed to invent a non-transforming Transformer that Transforms into a huge beast. Huh? 🙁


    Duh! NO ROBOTS EQUAL = NO POINTS!!!!!!!! 🙁

    MOLD – (1 out of 5 Saber Points)

    Dopey combined mold. Again, the vehicle molds are the only thing saving this toy from being quickly thrown into the recycling scrap heap. 🙁

    WEAPONS – (1 out of 5 Saber Points)

    Digital battery operated voices usually don’t make a toy any better in my opinion. Devy’s no different. In fact, if you hate the toy itself, you will hate the sound bytes even more. If Devastator had a battery operated fan that spun and made a sucking noise…then maybe, just maybe, this toy would be worthy of some respect. The original G1 Devastator not only carried a big gun, he also had a head laser and launching fists for pete’s sake. You can’t bring Dragon’s breath to a laser fight! 🙁

    TRANSFORMATION – (1 out of 5 Saber Points)

    D’ only fun I had transforming Devy was taking him out of the box. A mistake I regret making…but the completist in me won’t allow me to say no! 🙁

    OVERALL – (1 out of 5 Saber Points)

    Devastator is the classic example of rushing production of a toy and cheaping out big time. The $89.99 price tag on him means that you are just paying for weight & shipping costs. I would rather spend $89.99 on a Japanese version of a much smaller toy I already own because it would at least have some beautiful shelf displaying qualities with it. Devastator on the other hand, is one expensive mofo’ that will go down in history as the second biggest dust collector next to Barbies & an empty shelf in Dracula’s castle.


    Next Review is 22+ Years in the making: Transformers Animated Deluxe Arcee, Wednesday, 2/24/10.

    See you then, and don’t worry Springer, she didn’t age one bit. 🙂

  8. Saber
    23/02/2010 at 9:36 pm Permalink

    * TOY RUN *

    February 23, 2010

    Ironically, after posting reviews for ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe & ROTF Devastator, I purchased ROTF Deluxe Strike Mission Sideswipe & ROTF Legends Devastator today. Baby Legends Devastator is 20 x times more fun than his dad. Still a bit silly looking, but it was lots of fun to transform and play with. Found Human Alliance Barricade as well…and I rate him: OMGOODNESSLY AWESOME!

    ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe
    ROTF Legends Devastator
    Human Alliance Barricade


  9. Slick McFavorite
    24/02/2010 at 1:22 am Permalink


    Sorry I didn’t get your comment approved sooner. Thought I had already did it. I agree, Family Guy is losing a little bit of shine, but still love the Star Wars parodies.


    The full size Devastator has to be one of the biggest travesties ever perpetrated on fans. Maybe for kids it’s great. You know, no overly complex transformations, durable vehicle modes, etc. But come on. They could have at least made his fisty area launch. That was my favorite part of the G1 mold. What a great nod that would been.

    I agree, one of the biggest pieces of shit EVER made!

  10. jaime
    24/02/2010 at 2:44 am Permalink

    @ Slick ,Are we going to get a Toy Fair 2010 show?

  11. Slick McFavorite
    24/02/2010 at 4:13 am Permalink


  12. Wyatt Richardson
    01/10/2010 at 5:38 am Permalink

    GI JOE cartoons and the GI JOE Movie are all great stuff ,~’

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