Do all caps and an exclamation mark do justice to how excited I am about Toy Fair 2010 ? Not even close. With all of the leaks, with all of the stolen Chinese toys, they still seem to absolutely amaze me. There’s usually at least a few pure unadulterated "WOW!" moments. Then there are known releases that once they confirm the details, I am less then underwhelmed. For the first time ever, I literally monitored fan sites and Twitter for real time updates. I don’t know how these guys do it. There were slides from the presentations that were literally going up within minutes of them being shown. It was just like I was there, down to the part where I’m taking shots, because I was.

Some of the stand outs: Transformers’ Drift and SDCC Blaster re-issue , G.I. Joe’s SDCC Sgt. Slaughter done 25th style, MOTUCs 12" Tytus and SDCC Mo-Larr/Skeletor (sans impacted wisdom tooth) 2-pack, and last but certainly not least Star Wars’ Vintage and SDCC Maul Visionaries comic pack complete with mech legs. Some of the more mehs: Transformers’ Power Core Combiners , G.I. Joe’s Cobra Commander becoming a chase figure, MOTUC/DCUC 2-packs , and don’t forget the Card Game for Clone Wars .

Noticing a pattern here? That’s right SDCC is shaping up to be a big pile of awesome. This is why we have a new contest, definitely impromptu, but could be fun. Please call us at 720.235.TOYS (8697) and tell us what your favorite thing at Toy Fair was. We will randomly choose a caller, buy them an exclusive of their choice from one of the franchises at SDCC and pay for the shipping from the show. Before you get too enthusiastic, you still have to pay for the item plus tax, but you get free shipping and our promise to do whatever it takes to get you what you want from the big show.

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All in all, an AMAZING Toy Fair, bring on SDCC…Slick