You’ll never guess where this is being written. I’m actually writing this during a color belt testing. In between patterns, combos and breaks there is a lot of downtime as judges jot down observations. I’m here to support my fellow students and more so because I’m fiending. On St. Paddy’s day I rolled my foot, as it turns out pretty seriously, and then proceeded to walk my drunk ass home a mile and a half. After not taking care of it on the right for a couple of weeks, it’s been lots of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). It has also meant working from home (not so bad), no Tae Kwon Do (shitty), and NO TOY RUNS (FUCK!).

Have you seen all the new Star Wars Comic Packs? I haven’t. Have you seen the latest wave of Clone Wars figures? I haven’t. Have you seen…well you get the point. I didn’t miss the new Transformers Collector Club exclusives, did you? Fan projects are still dominating transformers. Three words, ANTIQUE FORCE DETAIL! Where’s all the Joe and Masters news? Lastly, we’re getting an Ikea! WE’RE GETTING AN IKEA!! YAY!!!

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…The sooner you learn that , the happier your life will be…Slick