First off, sorry for the short delay. We were hoping to have this bi-weekly schedule on lock, but shit happens. The cast itself took a couple days (can’t imagine why at over two and a half hours long?). Editing didn’t go quite as planned either, but c’est la vie.

So Botcon, I mean BOTCON! I am excited and like the title says, I just can’t hide it. The toys are about as GREAT as they can be. We didn’t talk about it, but did you see the new rumored Botcon fig? It’s not the best toy, but I love the alt mode. There is thought that it is a Firecons homage. I prefer and hope it’s G2 Grimlock. All the neony goodness has got me feeling like a kid again. I actually never even knew G2 existed prior to being born again. In the early 90’s I was in high school and doing way too much drinking, smoking and partying. This year I’m finally finding out about my G1’s closest brethren and still doing too much drinking, smoking and partying.

Of course, Botcon is definitely not the only thing going on. Even in these driest of dry times we’ve still gotta lot to yap about. Of course there’s C5 news. We get looks at the newest MOTUC figures. There’s lotsa of shady stuff going on, including Toy Fair Lego McQuarrie Boba Fett, Qui-Gon/Eopie mail-away, and fake AFAs? We’ve even got a G.I. Joe and Matty Q and A to boot. Not a lot going on in stores, at least here in the US, but online is still popping off with new pre-orders. We actually have another toy review. This time we look at the controversial Shadow Squadron ARC-170. Lastly…

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Thundercats Hooooo!…Slick