2nd row today thanks to the new homie, G. Live blogging starts in five minutes! Special thanks to Saber of http://SabertronToys.com for providing me wireless during the panel. Also thanks to Jaime for pushing me to provide better updates. And. Here. We. Go.

Generations (almost all have rub symbols!)

  • New G1 Legends Prime, Starscream, Prowl, and Megatron (can be held by Masterpiece Starscream) G1 Scout Windcharger.
  • G1 Deluxe Skrillgrin and Scourge.
  • Generations WFC Cliffjumper confirmed.
  • G1 Deluxe Tracks with wing flying mode.
  • G1 Deluxe Jazz with pop out speakers.
  • G1 Deluxe Perceptor with Truck with tank treads on the back. Alternate head for possible Reflector.
  • Deluxe Thunderwing.
  • G1 Voyager Grapple based on Universe Inferno.
  • More realistic Voyager Lugnut with my FAVORITE shark style deco on the front.

Power Core Combiners

  • Power Core Combiners originally began with robot modes for all limbs/drones.
  • PCC Heavytread with Groundspike. Army camo tank.
  • Skyhammer with Airlift. Jet with helmet that pops over regular for combined version.
  • Constructicons (Steamhead?) confirmed.
  • DINOBOTS (Grimstone)! G1-esque color.

Once upon a time on Cybertron… (new definitive combination of Transformers continuity)

The Original 13

  1. Alpha Trion (The Chronicler) very G1.
  2. Liege Maximo
  3. Vector Prime (gold color, time and space)
  4. Prima (Silver with Matrix in sword)
  5. Megatronus (legendary dark warrior, head is very similar to G1 Decepticon logo)
  6. The Fallen (transformed from Megatronus)


  • Working on a new Megatron
  • Aaron Archer would like to revisit Beast Wars.
  • Lots of the same damn questions that they won’t answer.