This is a day late and a dollar short. Well, more like a week late and hundreds of dollars short(er). That’s right, I have finally somewhat caught up from yet another amazing Botcon. That’s three years running. Thought for sure I wouldn’t be going next year. But guess what, Botcon 2011 will be back in Pasadena. That means we can drive there. That also means stars from TF3. While we are never really star struck, it does make it a little more interesting. We will most likely be there. Will you?

Unfortunately all the money I spent wasn’t just on toys. Yeah, I lost Mrs. McFavorite’s camera the second day. Luckily I didn’t lose many pictures, but it meant I had to use my cell’s camera (Saber’s too) the whole time. You can check the semi-good quality pics over on Flickr . If you haven’t seen them yet, check 2009’s and 2008’s too. If moving pictures are more your thing, check out all the awesome display cases Hasbro had at this year’s show. Again, you can check out 2009’s and 2008’s videos too. Saber also has some underground vids on Facebook. Friend him and ask nice to see some of the stuff Hasbro didn’t want you to see. If you prefer audio, of course listen to this cast with the one and only Saber from , but you can check out 2009’s wrap up as well.

Thanks to Jamie AND Mrs. McFavorite (Saber too, for the wireless), I finally "live" blogged during the Hasbro panels. It actually went pretty well. I didn’t like not being able to pay more attention, but I do it for you! I think I’m going to try and figure out a way to live broadcast the panels from SDCC. I’ve got a couple ideas, just got to test them. Would you watch? Let me know.

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Can’t believe Comic-Con is less than two weeks away…Slick