Transformers panel is about to begin. Stay tuned for live updates.

War for Cybertron

  • Same boring shit from Botcon
  • Still more content coming from WFC. DLC pack coming on the 7.27.10
  • More characters (5, exclusives and Scattershot and Onslaught)
  • 2 maps about coop and 2 about escalation
  • No new toys for WFC right now
  • Alex Irvine

Hunt for the Decepticons

  • HFTD is all about becoming an Autobot Elite Guard
  • Finally showing slides. Same boring stuff we have all seen.
  • Battle Blade BB is an all new mold and transformation
  • Still the same shit Botcon

Power Core Combiners

  • Confirmed that Backwind is Back(re)wind, not wind
  • Again, same shit from Botcon. Check out our old posts from it

2010 Exclusives

  • G1 color Legends Devastator (piss poor paint apps
  • Walmart exclusive 2-packs (missed the first one), Brawl vs. Jolt, Sideswipe vs. Barricade (Barricade based on Chinese police car)
  • Target exclusive Ice Cream Truck (Skids and Mudflap) vs. Sideswipe (most accurate ice cream truck deco yet)


  • Somebody brought all three bike sisters with them and request the team show him how to combine them. They declined at the panel but, said to come by the booth and they will show him.
  • How do come with your ideas? Vehicle is always the start.

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