Live blogging from the San Diego Comic-Con Masters of the Universe panel starts in 20 minutes. I’m actually early to panel for once. Yay! Here we go.


  • Retro action Green Lantern figures (Sinestro and Guy Gardner)
  • DC Universe Darkseid and Kalibak 2-pack
  • 12-pack of DCUC Proty accessory


  • Ghostbuster characters coming from both 1 and 2 AND the video game
  • Ghostbuster and MOTUC subscriptions will ship together
  • TRU: Ghostbusters 4-pack with Santa Hats (50% on, 50% off)
  • Swappable heads coming
  • Egon with PKE meter and stack of books (unslimed)
  • Peter with stream and GB logo stand (glow in the dark)
  • November – Winston with Slime Blower and tri-pod trap
  • January – Courtroom Peter with Nunzio (suit with pack)
  • May -Lewis Tully with swappable head with dog header
  • Marshmealow mess Ray (Ecto-1 club figure)
  • Prop replica PKE meter


  • 2-packs will come with at least one repaint
  • Hawkman vs. Stratos
  • Aquaman vs. Merman (mini-comic blue version)
  • Wea
  • King Grayskull
  • 2011 Club Eternia – AvailableΒ  for 2 weeks, 12 monthlies, 4 quarterlies (3 $30 and 1 $40) and new map and figure, subscription figure is from mini-comic (no re-issues, stands or weapons paks)
  • New stands
  • Orko available on August 2nd
  • Gygor is September
  • October – Roboto (with working gears) and Weapons pak
  • $40 2-pack Troop builder guards with four swappable heads, four chest plates, other weapons
  • King Grayskull redeco
  • December – Buzz-off
  • January – Princess of Power Bow (swappable head and harp)
  • January – Shadowbeast!
  • Vikor, He-Man of the North
  • February – Battle Armor Skeletor
  • March – King Hiss (swappable upper torso) bendable snakes
  • Preternia Disguise He-Man with COSMIC KEY
  • Reissues almost every month
  • First vehicle in Q4 of 2011
  • Teased a weapons rack from CASTLE GRAYSKULL


  • If the line ever went to retail there would be less accessories to preserve the MattyCollector specialness
  • Kid with a great questions 2-pack with Grodd and Gygor
  • 2 heads on Fitso
  • No 200x He-Man head ever. Snake Armor He-Man would still have a Filmation head
  • Vehicle not in subscription