Finally on line. Live blogging starts now. Here is what you have missed. I screwed up again and didn’t stop the video in time because I was screwing with my connection. Will post the first 20 minutes tonight.


  • New exclusives for ESB
  • Same stuff for SDCC

Clone Wars

  • Mace’s Jango helmet has a thermo detonator
  • Ki-Adi Mundi
  • Shaak Ti, Young Boba (with jet pack and guns), R4-P17 and Mando Trooper and Embo coming
  • Zombie Geonosian (YAY!) and Clone Draa

CW Vehicles

  • Droid Gunship and Droid-Tri Fighter coming
  • Jedi Turbo Speeder Vehicle


  • Running change to Anakin to name him Darth Vader (Vintage line)
  • Skiff Guard Woof
  • New Rebel Commando with soft goods trench coat
  • New R2-D2 with serving tray and pop-up lightsaber (periscope with replace lightsaber)
  • Talking about stuff already covered during SDCC

Vintage Vehicles

  • Same shit from SDCC

Exclusives (new stuff follow)

  • TRU: Nikto Skiff Guard (same from SDCC)
  • Kohl’s: GH AT-ST (ultra cute, flip up hatches) with Vader, Driver and two Snowtroopers
  • Target: DVD Battle Packs with Greatest Hits of CW Hostage Crisis and Hidden Enemy
  • TRU: Rise of Boba Fett Ultimate Battle Pack confirmed (new Slave 1). Fits a Han in Carbonite. Showing up now, but not due out till October.
  • Walmart: New Jabba with new Oohla (very detailed, wink wink)
  • Back to the same SDCC crap
  • Target: Geonosis Sets (eyes painted on Battle Droid, new Anakin head, R2-D2
  • Walmart: Tie Bomber confirmed
  • Target: Vintage 3 new 3-packs in one pack, but removable to make individual 3 different 3-packs.


  • Preview the AOTC wave. Kit Fitso, Zam Wesell (with 2 heads), Obi-Wan, New Anakin (peasant with soft goods cape), Padme (with 2 headresses), Senate Security (soft goods), BLUE Jango and Super Battle Droid.
  • TRU Exclusive ROTJ Pilots, 2 battle packs
  • Battle on Yavin re-issue/repaint

So they did the slides in reverse. Sucks that I had connection issues. Now going over Role Play and Galactic Heroes and other crap we could care less about.