Hey gang. Well we’re on our last episode before our two year anniversary and wouldn’t you know technical difficulties are running rampant. I just listened to 30 minutes and wanted to shoot myself. We’ll be trying to solve the issue with the skips by the next show. Mainly because we’re too lazy, can someone tell us how long those skips have been happening? Have they always been as bad as this episode? Just trying to see if it’s something we’ve done lately. Hopefully it doesn’t affect your enjoyment too much.

Any who, rumors and confirmations are firing on all cylinders. We got mad Q and A’s with Star Wars, Transformers and MOTU representing this week. We talk about some possibly very cool new stands. We rock out with our Millennium Falcons out. Gygor is our review of the week. Famed Star Wars author doing The Transformers Vault? The Horsemen show us perhaps one of the coolest figures ever. Lastly, don’t forget to enter the 2nd Annual Swag Away. Entries are due by October 6th. Don’t miss out on all the cool free shit.

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Hey it’s free, how much quality can you expect…Slick

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