I would have never thought when we started this two years ago I would be writing this today. It was only 4 years ago when Mrs. McFavorite and I jokingly put iPods on our wedding registry. Surprisingly we actually received those iPods. From there I discovered some of my first collecting podcasts. This led me into a whole new world of collecting beyond my wildest imagination. News sites, boards, exclusives, chases, toy runs, it all seems like just yesterday these were foreign terms to me.

Two short years later and unfortunately stemming from a couple bad run ins with one of my favorite shows we got off our ass and did our own collecting podcast. And now here we are at the two year anniversary of Open Your Toys Cast. While we haven’t achieved everything I would have liked to by this point, we achieved the most important thing of all, friendship. From the other collectors we share a find or two with, to the people we chat with online, to the friends we have met in person and shared some of the best times of our lives with, we want to thank you all of you. Without you we would have stopped long ago.

With all that mushy stuff out of the way, it’s back to toy business as usual. This time around the collectors clubs hit us over the head with their propaganda. We get tons of information about Masters of the Universe Classics both through a Q and A and boards. Quite a bit new product is starting to hit as well as some great pre-orders. We take a look at FrenzyRumble’s custom Warpath and review WST Ultra Magnus. STAR. WARS. In. The. 3D! Lastly, a big congratulations to Steve, winner of the 2nd Annual Swag Away.

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Here’s to many more years of love, peace and TOYS…Slick

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