This one is going to be a quick as I’ve got a lot on my list. What list you may ask? My “2 Do List”. I live and die by it or should I say them. I have one on my phone one in my email at home and another at work. I also keep little scraps of paper that have other stuff to do. Do I really need all these lists? Yes, yes I do. They keep me grounded and on the right track. Do you have a list? It doesn’t have to be written down, but you should have one in one form or another. While it’s nice to not have anything to do, it feels even better crossing things off a list.

Speaking of lists, we’ve got a few this time around. First we get what seems to be a pretty complete one of the first wave of Dark of the Moon figures. Then I compare my top 5 2010 MOTUC figures to the peeps over at A Walmart list reveals Generations Arcee and WARPATH! Don’t forget my list of toys for sale. Lotsa Star Wars toys are being leaked. Remember all those cool PoC vehicles we saw at SDCC and Joecon? Well they’re showing up and the best ones aren’t at Ross this time. We continue our G1 Ultra Magnus retrospective with his Classics version. Next up, City Commander. Finally we have some amazing Grab Brag for ya.

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Got lists…Slick