I mean literally, the clock just struck midnight. However, figuratively it seems like it too. Not only did Mrs. McFavorite and I spend the weekend doing fresh installs on our laptops, I’m finally recovering from my cold. If you couldn’t tell by the sound of my voice on the cast, I think I mentioned it a couple of times. It’s all kind of a medically induced blur at this point. Getting over being sick, just like a nice new(ish) install, reminds me of how we often take the smaller things for granted. Things like being able to breathe through your nose or having a computer that doesn’t have tons of little quirks. It’s like a huge weight being lifted off of your shoulders. You feel lighter, quicker and ready to take on the world (wide web).

This week we got some great news via that new fangled InterWeb. Have you seen this group shot of the Botcon set? If that doesn’t excite you, you better check your pulse kids. Dark of the Moon toy news has slowed down a little since Toy Fair, but the first figure has popped up at retail. We talk about the new Star Wars packaging and fawn over some amazing new West Wars figures by the one and only Sillof. Oh, oh and can you say Headmasters? That’s right, the Japanese-only continuation to original Transformers cartoon is finally coming to the states with a professional English dub. That’s good news as I make it a rule to never read TV. Finally, don’t forget to enter our Toy Fair giveaway. We listen to the first three entries on the show. All you gotta do is give us call at 720.235.TOYS (8697) and tell us what your favorite reveal was from Toy Fair 2011. We got a ridiculous stack of comics to give away, in addition to a toy from your franchise of choice.

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Don’t ever forget, that today could be the first day of the rest of your life…Slick