1. the act of participating
2. the state of being related to a larger whole

Do you participate? Not specifically in any one thing, but just in general. Do you speak up during meetings or class? Do you arrange activities for people around you? Do you even go to activities that other people organize? If not, you’re missing out on one of the best aspects of living, actually living. Life moves fast. If you don’t take an active role, before you know it it’ll have passed you by. Now I’m not saying you need to spearhead the next big social movement. However, don’t just buy the toys, participate in the community. Post on a forum, comment on an article, or leave a favorite podcast a voicemail (hint, hint). Just do something. Be part of the larger whole.

Speaking of participating, we picked a winner in our Toy Fair voicemail contest. However, first we both get all excited about me being registered for Botcon (which is now sold out). Kre-O and Cyberverse continue to peak my interest. Matty continues to disappoint fans. We got a metric crap ton of new toys including Fansproject Protector and start our Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime retrospective. Do you know what the greatest part of the show is? We got two first-time callers and a first-time question asker.

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Don’t procrastinate, participate…Slick