Just a quick thought as it’s the midnight before Botcon and I still have more packing to do. There are people in our lives that truly care and some that don’t, or at least not very much. The best way to tell the difference is if their actions drive you to be a better you as oppose to their actions bettering predominately themselves. Big thanks to JD this week for helping me be a better me. I really appreciate your persistence, it was motivating.

Well, it’s another big fat long show for ya. I think we’re getting all chatty in our old age. Cons, cons and more cons. However, Power-Con is definitely showing some promise. Val and his gang are definitely doing it up. Love that DOTM toys are finally out so people are getting all the pent up expectations out. I’ve got a couple myself and like them quite a bit. New Star Wars reveals are plentiful. We’re getting quite a few new toys for what is normally a very dry period for toys. Well at least other people are finding Warpath, new Pursuit of Cobra and previously thought-to-be-cancelled toys. We got voicemails a plenty. Finally, Christmas ornaments and books. Yeah I know, real exciting finale there. But, who knows, maybe you’re into that sort of thing.

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Not that there’s anything wrong with that…Slick