Botcon 2011 Hasbro Panel

Panel starts in 5 minutes. Just refresh your page periodically.

Photos will be posted during the panel as time permits on the Flickr account at No photos allowed as usual.

Panel starts now.


  • Both humans and robot Kreons
  • Approximately 12-14 sets initially

Reveal the Shield and Generations

  • Generations will continue through the year
  • Will try to get out all HTF/unreleased RTS
  • Mechtech was done to not compromise transformations like Mechalive, etc’
  • Airaid – new deluxe jet with radar dish
  • New ultra armored Topspin with gray deco
  • Dark Iron – inspired by Quickstrike
  • Cannon Force Ironhide Voyage with G1 red deco instead of all black

Human Alliance

  • Wave 3 to be announced after the movie
  • Shockwave – HUGE cannon playset
  • Ratchet with Lunar Crawler – repair bay style playset
  • SDCC – Ultimate OP packaging similar to Binaltechs/Alternators in truck mode with slip cover
  • TRU – Battle damaged Bumblebee set (a la the real life accident in DC)
  • TRU – Cyberverse Sentinel Prime in TFCC deco
  • Target – HA Target Nascar car with Robo-Dog
  • Target – Deluxe Wrecker 2-pack
  • Walmart – Sideswipe and Bumblebee in Nascar deco
  • Kmart – Black Ops – Deluxe and Legion HA ($10) 2-pack
  • Amazon – 25th Anniversary UNICRON in movie accurate colors and new head (Takara)
  • Terrorcon Cliffjumper (zombie)
  • Vehicon
  • Voyager Prime (looks ten times better)
  • Bulkhead
  • Entertainment Pack with deluxe OP and Megs
  • SDCC Prime box looks like chest, Matrix is inside (OP sealed in Matrix). Matrix is WEARABLE
2012 Sneak Peak
  • Prime Cyberverse Ratchet
  • Prime Cyberverse Wheeljack
  • Prime Legion Bumblebee with sword and gun
  • Prime Legion Arcee looks amazing
  • Prime Commander Iron Hide
  • Prime Deluxe Soundwave with Drone altmode (with Laserbeak fits on his chest)
  • Prime Deluxe Ratchet (very cool blades)
  • Prime Deluxe Wheeljack (DUAL SWORDS)
  • Prime Voyager Starscream with translucent parts to let lights on a Mechtech-style weapon shine through
  • Almost confirmed a WFC 2 is coming with figures
  • Alternate heads in plans are on purpose
  • Mighty Muggs possible as exclusives down the road
  • No confirmation of any more TF: Animated or Season 3 release
  • “Something cool for the end of year” in regard to a Generations Arcee
  • Greg’s and Eric’s goodbye. YOU’LL BE MISSED!

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2 Comments on "Botcon 2011 Hasbro Panel"

  1. jaime
    04/06/2011 at 8:01 pm Permalink

    DOPE! 🙂
    Well done sir & i take it you’ll be geting alot of this?

    It’s got’a be the Transfomers Prime stuff for me,hope i see it 🙂
    cause we don’t get the show 🙁

    And “almost comfirmed” for WFC 2 figures?? what is that? almost comfirmed?
    Nice post Slick 🙂

  2. Slick McFavorite
    07/06/2011 at 8:13 pm Permalink

    Actually going to be scaling my collecting back. I have a plan for new shelves and going to buy only things that will fit into the themes of those shelves for the most part.

    The Prime stuff does look good.

    It was said as in manner that pretty much confirmed they were coming.

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