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Photos will be posted during the panel as time permits on the Flickr account at No photos allowed as usual.

Panel starts now.


  • Both humans and robot Kreons
  • Approximately 12-14 sets initially

Reveal the Shield and Generations

  • Generations will continue through the year
  • Will try to get out all HTF/unreleased RTS
  • Mechtech was done to not compromise transformations like Mechalive, etc’
  • Airaid – new deluxe jet with radar dish
  • New ultra armored Topspin with gray deco
  • Dark Iron – inspired by Quickstrike
  • Cannon Force Ironhide Voyage with G1 red deco instead of all black

Human Alliance

  • Wave 3 to be announced after the movie
  • Shockwave – HUGE cannon playset
  • Ratchet with Lunar Crawler – repair bay style playset
  • SDCC – Ultimate OP packaging similar to Binaltechs/Alternators in truck mode with slip cover
  • TRU – Battle damaged Bumblebee set (a la the real life accident in DC)
  • TRU – Cyberverse Sentinel Prime in TFCC deco
  • Target – HA Target Nascar car with Robo-Dog
  • Target – Deluxe Wrecker 2-pack
  • Walmart – Sideswipe and Bumblebee in Nascar deco
  • Kmart – Black Ops – Deluxe and Legion HA ($10) 2-pack
  • Amazon – 25th Anniversary UNICRON in movie accurate colors and new head (Takara)
  • Terrorcon Cliffjumper (zombie)
  • Vehicon
  • Voyager Prime (looks ten times better)
  • Bulkhead
  • Entertainment Pack with deluxe OP and Megs
  • SDCC Prime box looks like chest, Matrix is inside (OP sealed in Matrix). Matrix is WEARABLE
2012 Sneak Peak
  • Prime Cyberverse Ratchet
  • Prime Cyberverse Wheeljack
  • Prime Legion Bumblebee with sword and gun
  • Prime Legion Arcee looks amazing
  • Prime Commander Iron Hide
  • Prime Deluxe Soundwave with Drone altmode (with Laserbeak fits on his chest)
  • Prime Deluxe Ratchet (very cool blades)
  • Prime Deluxe Wheeljack (DUAL SWORDS)
  • Prime Voyager Starscream with translucent parts to let lights on a Mechtech-style weapon shine through
  • Almost confirmed a WFC 2 is coming with figures
  • Alternate heads in plans are on purpose
  • Mighty Muggs possible as exclusives down the road
  • No confirmation of any more TF: Animated or Season 3 release
  • “Something cool for the end of year” in regard to a Generations Arcee
  • Greg’s and Eric’s goodbye. YOU’LL BE MISSED!