Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 055: BOTCON 2011!

This may be one of my last chances to do a first-hand account of Botcon. I’ve enjoyed a good run. I managed to attend the last four years and it has been a riot. However, like anything it can start to get a little stale. The schedule is almost identical each year with maybe one or two changes. I found this year I was almost on autopilot. Not that I didn’t love every minute, there’s just not a lot of diversity. Unlike SDCC, where the schedule is very different each year and even if you tried you couldn’t do everything. I think if this was the only line I followed or I was big on forums, there would be more appeal. But, alas this is not the case. I have 4 children I love equally and to maintain balance, boards are just not possible right now.

On a brighter note, I DID HAVE A BLAST. I can’t ever help but have fun at a con. I got to meet a few listeners, kick it with some good friends and enjoy a healthy amount of single serving friends. As always the Hasbro panel is the pinnacle. 25th Anniversary Transformers: The Movie Unicron, Prime Cliffjumper and Zombie Cliffjumper? While not a huge Bayformer fan, G1 Deco Ironhide, more Wreckers and Cyberverse Shockwave? What? Don’t even get me started on Transformers: Prime SDCC Matrix Prime, Wheeljack and Soundwave with Laserbeak. We have a great year ahead of us. Let’s just hope the movie is amazing as it should be.

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Next stop, San Deigo Comic-Con. Population, me…Slick

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4 Comments on "Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 055: BOTCON 2011!"

  1. Sabertron Toys
    16/06/2011 at 3:53 am Permalink

    YES! Botcon was all of that and a bucket of energon chips…

    Ok so yes there is that lil sense of “I’ve done this, I’ve done that,” so the Botcon experience isn’t as “fresh and new” as things first are when you expereince them for the first time. To me, Botcon holds a place in my heart like Disney World. As I told ya, I am a Disney World fanatic, and I just can’t get enough of that place. In fact, that will be the last part of my trip…Sunday in Disney World (but really it’s gonna be Epcot! 🙂 ) Transformers to me have the same impact that they always have had on me…I just can’t get enough of those little buggers… In fact, Botcon has renergized, not the collecting aspect, but the selling on Ebay aspect. I think I am going to start selling toys here and there just to put a lil Skullgrin on my face…

    Starting to d/l the podcast now as I just crossed the New Mexico border…ETA of 3:00pm or so to get to San Antonio…pullin an all nighter drive tonight for sh*ts and giggles. Podcast is gonna come in rreeeeeeeeeal handy!

    Ahhhhhh, SDCC Ultimate Optimus Prime…..I have a buddy who does a podcast in Plantation, FL, very proactive toy and comic and scifi movie geek who we do a podcast with from time to time. You’ll remember the Pow Wow Show & SoFloRadio stickers…. He wants to get his hands on that Ultimate Prime from SDCC, can you get me 1? How much is it gonna run with shipping…also, the Matrix prime. Both would be nice, but if both is not possible, then the Ultimate Prime will work.

    AS for me….I was thinking about buying a few figures that I really like, displaying them, and returning them back to toys r us / target just to make pretend that I have some toys agin……but that would probably cost me money in gas driving back and forth, not to mention how incredibly stupid the idea is…

    Hey, do you think I”ll make th news if I camp out in front of our local movie theatre for the realease of the TF3?


  2. Slick McFavorite
    17/06/2011 at 7:59 am Permalink

    Just enter our SDCC Personal Shopper contest (details to be announced on the next show) and you’ll have a chance to get those exclusives.

    Come on man, splurge and buy a couple $10 toys. Especially after you have spent a month and a half traveling the ENTIRE United States. A couple DOTM toys aren’t going to break the bank.

    I DARE you to camp out. Minimally we’ll cover it on our next cast. 🙂

    Love you man…Slick

  3. jaime
    18/06/2011 at 10:19 pm Permalink

    So BotCon 2011 🙂
    Even at Botcon with registration your still in lines 🙁

    I saw some of your photos nice work 🙂
    (with the voice actors?)
    GPS devices allways handy 🙂
    BURLESQUE Jess….. 🙁

    The Transfomers Kreo’s are a pass for me but like everyone i want the mini’figs 🙂

    What’s up with ‘Windcharger’ he’s hard to find? from DOTM?

    Zombie in Transfomers 🙁

    the SDCC Transfomers Exclusive is the shizz nitt 🙂

    @ Jess, What the Hell is that movie-i now need to know 🙁
    (if you HATE line cutter’s check out James Gunn’s “SUPER” staring Rainn Wilson) 🙂

    I’ve seen some of the Hall of Fame video’s,just Google it.

    You saw how much of TF3:DOTM 🙂

    the Transfomers Vault is great 🙂
    (for $30)

    New MASK toy’s on the way Yeah! 🙂
    & i think you say the word “head” 40 times in this show 🙂

    Sounds like a blast Slick maybe i’ll make it someday,great show man 🙂

  4. Slick McFavorite
    23/06/2011 at 6:43 am Permalink

    Considering how small Botcon is, relatively the lines are much worse than any other con.

    I just bought the Kre-O G1 Prime. Great set for $8, but as always going to be more pricey at your end. No mini-fig, but a fun little set.

    Here in the states Windcharger is hard to find. He’s in the HftD line.

    More like “ZOMBIES in Transformers!”

    We got to see about 15 minutes of the movie. First 7 minutes then basically a lot of the trailers and commercials strung together.

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