This may be one of my last chances to do a first-hand account of Botcon. I’ve enjoyed a good run. I managed to attend the last four years and it has been a riot. However, like anything it can start to get a little stale. The schedule is almost identical each year with maybe one or two changes. I found this year I was almost on autopilot. Not that I didn’t love every minute, there’s just not a lot of diversity. Unlike SDCC, where the schedule is very different each year and even if you tried you couldn’t do everything. I think if this was the only line I followed or I was big on forums, there would be more appeal. But, alas this is not the case. I have 4 children I love equally and to maintain balance, boards are just not possible right now.

On a brighter note, I DID HAVE A BLAST. I can’t ever help but have fun at a con. I got to meet a few listeners, kick it with some good friends and enjoy a healthy amount of single serving friends. As always the Hasbro panel is the pinnacle. 25th Anniversary Transformers: The Movie Unicron, Prime Cliffjumper and Zombie Cliffjumper? While not a huge Bayformer fan, G1 Deco Ironhide, more Wreckers and Cyberverse Shockwave? What? Don’t even get me started on Transformers: Prime SDCC Matrix Prime, Wheeljack and Soundwave with Laserbeak. We have a great year ahead of us. Let’s just hope the movie is amazing as it should be.

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Next stop, San Deigo Comic-Con. Population, me…Slick