Transformers Collectors Club Round Table Panel

I totally forgot that I took some notes on this panel. It’s a little late, but for historical reasons here’s my write up.

  • Eric did a hand sketch of the Stunticon logo
  • Stunticon boxset art was based on a circus/event poster as opposed to an illustration
  • Artwork specifically patterned after The Italian Job
  • Early versions of Ironfist’s head looked like a frog
  • Shattered Glass Thundercracker was done completely by photos, no physical reference
  • 2012 club figure is Runamuck
  • 2 exclusives are Runabout and SG Drift (tricky to make the two that go together separate purchases)
  • Club grew 40% in the last year
  • Shirts don’t have day and date to make them more universally appealing
  • No movie toys (i.e. no licensed vehicles)
  • Stunticons was not the first set considered, but Animated + Stunticons was a no-brainer
  • With G.I. Joe they work directly with the factory
  • For Transformers they have to go through Hasbro then Takara then the factory and back resulting in the higher costs and more errors

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