Thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s right, we put out a call for participation and we got it in spades. Thank you to everyone that has called and emailed. We have the most epic Listener Feedback and Questions section ever. There’s not even a contest. Not to mention all the regulars on the socials. You da MANs! However, where are all of our non-Y chromosomers? Just by the sheer law of averages we’ve gotta have some female listeners. Right? Maybe?

Well I guess with topics like the black repaint of MP Rodimus Prime, Megator’s secret accessory, dinosaur and combiner cassette knock-offs and new Disney Star Wars toys it isn’t too likely. Okay, maybe that last one is a little fem-friendly, but I guess the reissue Devastator gift set, Fansproject Insecticons and theΒ Star Wars Lego Super Star Destroyer are not. Still, I know there are female fans of these lines out there. If you know any of them, let them know there’s a great toy podcast out there with an asshole of a guy and a strong female that doesn’t let him get away with shit.

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Do you think that will get me laid…Slick