Live blogging the Hasbro Transformers panel now! There is a lot of rehashes from Botcon, but now with photos and videos allowed (to be posted later). Not taking a lot of photos as Hasbro will release the entire slideshow later.

  • Scrape Heap (Junkion remolded head)
  • Sky Shadow (Thunderwind
  • Deluxe Soundwave (Mech Tech satellite dish)
  • Deluxe Wheeljack
  • Voyager G1 deco Ironhide
  • Human Alliance Soundwave with Laserbeak and Mr. Gould
2011 Exclusives
  • Target exclusive Deluxe Topspin and Leadfoot 2-pack
Transformers: Prime
  • Possible Cyberverse vehicles (Wheeljack’s spaceship)
  • Energon weapon compatible gimmicks (lights and sounds)
  • Deluxe Knockout (good crowd response)
  • Deluxe Wheeljack looks great
  • Voyager Skyquake
Special Guest: CEO of Universal (the amusement park)
  • Transformers: The Ride-3D (2012)
  • Level of detail and resolution unmatched in current ride technology
  • Cullen as Prime and Welker as Megatron
  • There is one shard of the Allspark left
  • It’s stolen and¬†Autobot Evac is there to help us find it
  • First Con we see is Ravage
  • Just showed a 30 second trailer
  • New ride-related site
Q and A
  • More DOTM for 2012
  • TF: The Ride Evac will be available at retail
  • HA Soundwave street date is end of 2011
  • PCC to be released via outlets similar to RTS if available
  • Kid literally asked if something like Fansproject Warbot Defender would be made for Springer
Not a great panel, but at least you get to see what we saw at Botcon.