Guess what? I left my tri-pod connector in Star Wars. Sorry no video from me this year.



  • 12-pack finally coming out
  • Club Infinite Earths (9 monthly figures, 3 quarterly figures and one subscription figure)
  • Fan’s Choice club exclusive figure (VOTE FOR Black Lantern Swamp Thing)
  • 5 Lions and their pilots
  • 23″ Voltron
  • Automatically transform from combined mode
  • Each pilot comes with a piece of the blazing sword
  • Separate heads with helmets
  • Sven with Blue Lion key to be the exclusive subscription figure
  • Lab Coat Egon
  • Slime Blower Ray
  • Vigo with Lenticular “painting”
  • Ecto-1 Club sub with 6 figures (exclusive figure is The Rookie from the video game)
  • Dana Berrett as Zuul laying down with extra legs to stand
  • Bizarro and Faker is now available at EE booth
  • October Galactic Protector Icarious (Flipshot) and Windraider $40 (with stand)
  • November Snout Spout, Battleground Evil-Lyn, and Swiftwind
  • She-Ra 2.0 with new sword, new “mask” and bubble-wand
  • December Demo-Man with three heads
  • Subscription (12 figs, 4 quarterly variants, 4 over-sized/multipacks)
  • 30th Anniversary figures coming
  • January The Sorceress and Star Sisters 3-packs ($60 item)
  • Februrary Fisto 2 heads and giant sword
  • March Kobra Kahn 2 heads (cobra style) and Thunderpunch He-Man
  • Now have Filmation rights except for the Movie
  • Subscription figure is Shadoweaver and
  • Mini Comics return. 3 issue series with the 1st 3 quarterly variants
  • Create a Character contest now through Dec. 31st (new characters only, MOTU feel, Matty owns it, winner to be announced SDCC 2012, figure to be made available Dec. 2012)
  • 6 new 30th Anniversary MOTU characters (1 by the Horsemen (Drego-man), 1 by Geoff Johns, 2 by Mattel, 1 Fans Choice, 1 Fearless Photog (original custom winner))
  • Voting for the color of Granamyr (Red animation or green mini comic)
  • 30th Anniversary figure are not part of the subscription, but will have bios
  • No plans for vehicle Voltron right now (space mice are coming though)
  • Kobra Kahn not to have squirting feature
  • 2-3 Filmation figures a year
Bad Q&A for Matty as usual.