We survived yet another year. Another year of lines, crowds, poorly trained security guards, people a little too excited and people not excited enough. Fanboys, cosplayers, booze and… oh yeah, TOYS! To me, aside from all the great people you meet, that plastic joy is what really makes all the hassle not only acceptable, but part of the adventure. But, at some point during every con, there comes a time when I feel like it’s not worth it any more. Not worth the inconvenience, not worth the stress and not worth the money. However, I almost instantaneously snap back into reality and appreciate every single second of it.

How can you not get excited about the new Clone Wars and Vintage Collection Figures? While pricey, what kid of the 80’s wouldn’t have killed for a 2 foot Voltron figure? Speaking of the 80’s, what about Mattel finally getting the Filmation rights? We’ve got a Filmation accurate Grannamyr and Shadow Weaver coming. How about Transformers Generations continuing with a new Junkion? In this day and age where spoilers run rampant and are almost the norm, it’s simply amazing to be one of the first to hear about and sometimes see brand new toys. This episode only briefly touches on my addiction. What we really try to do is give you the full SDCC experience. For more Comic-Cony goodness, don’t forget to check out the photos on Flickr and videos of all the important toy cases on YouTube.

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I already can’t wait until next year…Slick