I knew that I would. After several “meh” episodes, I finally had a great time recording this cast. With everything going on (see the last cast’s post), it really does feel good to be enjoying myself again. Now if the rest of the community could get with the program. There’s been a ton of negative vibes out there for the last couple of months. From the ever worsening issues with Matty, the continuing distribution issues and soon to be articulation limiting of the Joe line, to the Collector Clubs’ issues, it seems like the whole community is bitching. Other collectors have been feeling it too. I just wish everyone could remember this is supposed to be fun.

Speaking of fun, what’s more fun than new Disney Star Wars figures? How about a Transformer that turns into 6 different things? No, I got it, a UFO Transformer with an old school bubble helmet. If saving money is your thing, both BBTS and Matty have pretty good sales right now. We also hear from an old friend. Finally, we pick the winner of our Toy Fair 2012 Giveaway. Now this is what I consider fun.

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So good, so good, I got you…Slick