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  • 7 different sets each has a piece to build a dark energon weapon
  • 29 new Kreons

Transformers Prime

  • Just showing all the leaks so far
  • From Transformer Exiles novel Thunder-something? Amazing Leo Prime-style lion with a peg leg


  • Legion Flameware


  • Ultra Magnus
  • Blades OP


  • Legion Arachnid (more accurate to show)

Bot Shots

  • More of stuff that has been leaked already
  • Ironhide launcher

MP10 (Masterpiece Optimus Prime) – US release will be Animated Movie Deco

Generations (WFC)

  • Kickback
  • Starscream
  • Sideswipe
  • ULTA MAGNUS! (with sword and gun)
  • Fireflight
  • Voyager SOUNDWAVE! with datadisc Laserbeak – Datadiscs shoot and on impact transform
  • Also Soundblaster with Buzzsaw
  • Legends Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and RatBat

SDCC 2013 Exclusives

  • Game accurate deco WFC Bruticus!
  • Just had vote for artwork for the boxset (it was fake)
  • Rust in Peace Cliffjumper – red battle damaged FE Cliffjumper
  • Showing concepts for zombie Cliffjumper packaging
  • Final is Zombie head for Cliffjumper taken from animation models

August – Generations Deluxes, Cyberverse OP Commander Base


  • No announcement today about WFC Dinobots, all five are doubtful
  • MP10 will be a TRU exclusive
  • "Classics" Springer is on a short list, Arcee not likely since she is in Prime and they don’t want to confuse kids
  • Ironhide probably won’t show up in Prime, but probably in other places
  • Bruticus will be the measure of whether they do more combiners