What started out to be a couple quick segments to promote the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel, Retaliation, and What’s on Joe Mind’s (WOJM) coverage of Joecon 2012 turned into a marathon of good times. That is at least for Gary “Commander and Chief” Godsoe, Mike “Beach Head” Irizarry and I. While Mrs. McFavorite hung in there for more than half the show, she finally got tired of the “con experience”. What’s that you say, “But you guys love going to cons?” We do LOVE going to cons, but there’s one aspect that Mrs. McFavorite doesn’t enjoy so much. This is when I completely ignore her while geeking out with other hardcore fans. However, she knows how much I enjoy it and loves to see me so excited about my hobby. This post serves two purposes, first a very public apology to Mrs. McFavorite and secondly, a warning to everyone else. Never take your loved ones for granted, not even for one show.

With that said, we both had an amazing time with Mike and Gary. The reason why we normally don’t do interviews or have guests on is we love the dynamic of just “kicking it”. From the get go Gary and Mike fit right in. It was literally seconds until we were all laughing and that’s what really matters. We all felt so at home that just our con segment took over one and a half hours. So we decided to just scrap our regular format and spend the next hour talking about the postponement of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. We talked what it meant for the movie, the franchise and most importantly the toys. Since Gary and Mike didn’t say too much on the What’s on Joe Mind’s Special Edition 13: The Retaliation Reaction, this is the first opportunity to hear all their thoughts on what is arguably the most significant news in the Joe fandom in recent history.

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Thank you guys!…Slick